pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films as

  • Stacked Deck (1971) with Mel Bush
  • Beach Encounter with Buddy (1971) (see Buddy’s huge low hangers below)
  • The Swingers (1972) several Colt stars’ dicks swinging
  • Denny Meets Dakota (1972)
  • Hotel Room Hookup (AKA Kirk & Denny) – doubt this one
  • Mr. Fixit (1972) w/Ledermeister
  • Poolside Attraction (1972?) with Erron
  • (did this not appear until Sex Rated Home Movies 1 ?

This last photo is from a photoset entitled: Denny Meets Dakota – 8 photos, I think

and of course, Denny, AKA Dennis Lassiter and Harv

some magazines:

  • GALLERY #2 (1971)
  • MANPOWER #4 (1972)
  • Best of Gallery #1 (1972)
  • Hot Blood (197?)
  • Hung Studs #1 (as Harv)

7 replies on “Denny”

your site is no longer available through my old browser, I’d have to go off that and onto another (like I did to post this) to view- so, I won’t be viewing in the future. Bye.

In other tech matters, I have outages in my area, but when it’s going, the same thing that happened a few months ago: this site alone was the only one I could never get (that was probably a half hour, but I went out, so it may have been more.) Nobody else has written of this, and it always does come back, but I think you should know it when it happens for any length of time.

well – in case DENNY is still alive and kicking – here’s a comment about him – he’s gorgeous! (and sorry about the distorted shorts pic, but was hard to find pics in color)

These pictures are simply lovely. Your blog is such a gift for future generations to appreciate the simplicity of the masculinity of the time. Plain, simple masculine beauty.

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