Palm Drive Video pornoclips

Nasty Blond Carpenter

Nasty Blond Carpenter – (2000? 1988) – Jack Husky

bonus – article about wrestler Chris Colt – Colt’s gay films a purposeful dig – Jack’s wrestling partner in a film or two from Palm Drive.

bear Palm Drive Video pornoclips

Redneck Cowboy Hellbent On Leather

preview/promo clip from Palm Drive Video’s Redneck Cowboy Hellbent On Leather – (1994) – solo with Curtis James (only other known video, Classic Bear – which I owned, and sold!). Also in at least 2 Bear magazines, Bear 15 and Classic Bear – which I had, and sold, and may well have re-purchased??

above, from Classic Bear magazine, photographed by Jim Wigler

Palm Drive Video pornoclips


Winter! more time to dedicate to my hobby, pornocrazedrambling, and today (which was yesterday, as I didn’t post this the day I wrote it, but the day after, which is today) I finally digitized my VHS copy of Karatekock Warrior – Chris Burns’ 1988 solo film for Palm Drive Video. If you recall, I’ve been holding on to this tape for years, initially hoping to sell, but finding so little info, I waited, and waited, and well when I finally found some info, this from it’s director, Jack Fritscher: “Looking through my viewfinder, I saw what Erich von Stroheim saw in Norma Desmond descending the staircase in Sunset Boulevard: the proto-plasm of a living ghost. He was a sweet man, but his sex appeal had died. His videos for both Old Reliable and Palm Drive sold, literally, zero copies.” – OUCH! sooooooo excited to have the 1 of zero copies out there, I knew I couldn’t sell! Of course, it barely hit me how rough this assessment was. So, one day I may post the video – but meanwhile, at the end of Chris’ 62 minutes, are some previews – and here they are for you

Speaking of PDV – have any of you seen the documetary, Raw! Uncut! Video!?? It’s just a few bucks, streaming on VIMEO. OK, OK, I’ll admit I haven’t seen it – I keep waiting for it to tour out here – but I think I need to stop holding my breadth, and just enjoy some alone time with it on the TV one afternoon, or late night.

RAW! UNCUT! VIDEO! – Trailer

PAEAN Studios Palm Drive Video pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films as:

Vincent for PAEAN Studios, Vito Milan for FOX Studios, and Brutus for COLT and Palm Drive Video. The first 3 studios all late 1970’s (even though COLT did publish a few pics in the 1980’s – see below), and then his work seemed to focus on Drummer (Wings Video I would include with Drummer) and Palm Drive. According to Jack Fritscher, Brutus was the most frequent model ever featured on the cover of Drummer. Sounds like another research project, as I have yet only to find the 2 featured below!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • COLT MEN 4 (1978)- “Hot Cop”
  • Pander (1979) – Vincent – from PAEAN Studio
  • Men of Action No2 (1979) – Vic – Action Male Studios
  • PAEAN 3 (1979)
  • NUMBERS (1980) – cover model “Hot Cop”
  • Drummer 70 (1984) – Brutus
  • Manifest 21 (1984) – Brutus – 8-page spread by Jim Wigler
  • COLT Videoview (1986)- Brutus
  • Drummer 144 (1990) – “I, Brutus: Muscle-Cop Road Warrior,” poem
  • Drummer 157 (1992) – Brutus
  • Colt Calendar Men 4 (1994) – Brutus

update: added pic and added ID –

"vintage" porn stars Palm Drive Video pornoclips

Hot Cop v. Muscle Cop

Brutus and Werner Robles

MV44, MV448 (1978)

“For this special occasion we’ve combined a powerhouse bodybuilder and an eager young dude (both making their first appearances) who is so hot for those big muscles… all of them… he pleads and begs to be used and abused. abused he certainly gets and after he tries out the cop’s whistle there comes an ending that’s a double-whammy sure to leave you as limp as they. And just as happy!”

I actually had the 8MM, which I sold during the “great purge” of 2017 – below is from the eBay auction 5 years back

I can’t even remember how I got into this, something about “How much do you know about Brutus?” – the simple answer would’ve been – NADA! But, no, I had to pornoresearch, then put this aside in the drafts folder, then do some more, then find that clip, then the other, then – damn, another?

I Brutus: Muscle Cop Road Warrior (1992)

down the rabbit hole we go…. or went…. seriously, that’s it – I’m spent!

or am I?

Palm Drive Video

outdoors in his Chevy Pickup

speaking of Palm Drive Video

Mike Welder

oh, and I need to update previous posts with the Palm Drive Video tag – meanwhile – Palm Drive Video

update/note: – apparently I rather liked this brochure – previously posted! – and only 3 years ago!

"vintage" porn stars Palm Drive Video pornoclips

David Gold

more David Gold (as COLT model)

As you may know, he did no film work for Colt, just stills that appeared in Honcho (July 1980 cover), Mandate (May 1980), a COLT photoset, but not much in COLT publications that I can find. A few years later, around 1988/1989, he did a film with Palm Drive Video, Dave Gold’s Gym Workout; another, Cigar Blues, is also credited, but I suspect is just a compilation of 5 men including Dave, in his case, showing clips from Workout. A brief clip below, all I have after having cold the VHS back in 2006 – grrrrrr!

and if anyone has better pics of him in socks, please please let me know!