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As many of you know, I have been cleaning out my harddrive of dupes and whatnot, and any clips where I also have the full movie digitized, I delete – but first I check the pornblog, especially for “WMV” files (which I convert to “MP4” files), and delete after knowing it’s already up. Back in 2010, I posted this clip – Mike Morris is better than banana – and then recently replaced it with an updated mp4 version. I was unaware that I was replacing the Pieces of Eight version, with sound and original soundtrack with an apparently silent version – which may well have come straight from an 8MM film, which was then converted to tape in one of those awful compilations, like from EZ Rider, or Grandpa’s Favorite Porno Loops.

Anyway, t’s a bit complicated, but here goes – the short film, Desert Fox with Mike Morris and Dave Daniels was released in 1978 as an 8MM short – like a bunch of others that Halsted and his partner Joey Yale produced. Sometime later, two “movies” – VHS/BETA releases included this short in both Pieces of Eight and California Fox. Pieces of Eight attempts to string the 5 or 6 loops together with a vague storyline of Rocky Genero (a.k.a. Dan Pace) as a stripper whose vivid fantasies while reading skin magazines helps him get ready to go onto the stage. But then California Fox is also released, with that overlapping loop – Desert Fox, plus another, The Legend of Big Meat, and the two California Lineman loops – but no attempt at a cohesive storyline.

So – all that and 2 copies of the Desert Fox loop – big deal! BUT BUT – why are they 2 different lengths?? The one above, from Pieces of Eight adds a bit of the intro from the film, “Rocky” looking through the porno magazine Desert Fox – but as you’ll see below, the silent loop is actually 2 minutes longer, and I can’t quite figure out what the difference is in terms of content – so, kids – whadyathink?

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To confuse things even more, the print volume includes stills from two scenes that apparently weren’t filmed. One in a pool with a float, and one in a fountain on some sort of campus – the cover photo and, ridiculously, the middle photo on the back of the “Pieces of Eight” box.

BJ, I know you get all out of sorts over these conflicting film length times. It does bother me too when it’s a major slash job like with HIS video and scenes are missing.

Anyway, I started out trying to figure out where those two minutes went. I got as far as noticing that it’s weird that the “Pieces of Eight” clip is somehow the shorter one even though it has added footage of Dan Pace getting out his “Desert Fox” mag in the car. But wait! The “California Fox” clip has the whole title card in front, which takes up a lot of seconds. I’m already confused. I’m trying to watch the timers on both clips, going back and forth. Arrgh.

So unfortunately, I lost interest in the mystery of the film length(s) and became very dick-stracted by the film(s) themslves. Sorry.

I also noticed that that the “Pieces of Eight” clip seems to be the better quality clip. Do you agree, or am I just confused? Also though, I like how the California Fox clip jumps around a little and has lots of film imperfections. It gives it character and reminds me that this was a film loop. Filmed on film. Not video. But I also wanted to see what was going on, so the cleaner, steadier clip ended up being the one I watched.

You know what’s also confusing? How exactly are they in the desert? They look like they’re in someone’s back yard. Maybe near the desert? Desert adjacent? Desert-like terrain in CA? OK, not important.

Great clip! Thanks BJ.

it’s when you wish you had two monitors, right! otherwise, of course you should be getting wrapped up in what they are doing, and not with a notepad seeing what (might )be different!

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