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beard or mustache?

bearded ones from Tightropes 2; of course he’s also appeared bearded in Gold Rush Boys

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Usually I have a clear preference when I see pics of a guy with a beard and without, but I think he was very attractive either way. That’s a wishy-washy response though so I’ll vote beard. Bet he looked a lot different with no facial hair at all.

Much prefer with mustache only. Facial hair is one of the few modern improvements, so that the face is still totally seen. Must require a lot of maintenance though to keep it so close-cut but still there. And all the young men do it nowadays. I don’t think I care much for full beards ever, unless it helps out an obviously unattractive guy.

Is the one in the shed the same guy? Doesn’t like him, and I don’t know who either of them are.

oops! they are all, all 4 of them, different pics of J.W. King – and I guess I should have not assumed all would know that – and yes, the question is how do you like HIM best, ‘stache or beard?

Are we talking about just J.W. King or on any man? I’m not ashamed to say that I am a beard freak. I love men with beards. I love how it feels against my face. A good beard burn can be so hot! I enjoy the current beard trend, but it’s true that not all men look good in a beard. Or can even grow a decent beard. And then the huge bushy ones…I prefer nicely trimmed and well-groomed whatever the length.

My beard is mostly white now, so I’ve been clean-shaven for about 3 years. I could never grow a full beard, so I used to wear a goatee. I’m not sure it was all that flattering, so I don’t miss it. In other words, I don’t see myself as one of the ones who look great with a beard.

I love beards, but I also love a good ‘stache. I suppose they’re not really in style now, but that makes it even hotter when you see one. It’s a really sexy look, and I think it’s a shame that people talk about the “porn ‘stache” with derision. I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s just because my favorite era of gay porn is the 70s and 80s.

I used to eat lunch at a McDonalds every once in a while just because at lunchtime all the construction workers would roll in and I could watch. Such a wild range of facial hair on those guys. And the coveralls. Why is that so hot?

With facial hair of any kind, you have to judge each person individually. Like with balding; on some men it’s hot, while on others it’s not a great look. It’s how you wear it.

As far as JW King is concerned, I’d take him anyway I could get him. The scene in “Three Day Pass,” when Fred Halsted as the lieutenant commands JW to jerk off on the desk right in front of him. Oh my God! Wow, now I need a minute. Thanks for the post BJ! I had never seen the Tightropes mag. I thought his only beard appearance was in “Gold Rush.”

OK, I was wrong. I do have that Tightropes mag. Thanks for reminding me of it though. Of the two other guys in that magazine, that Johnny Keller is very interesting. He knew how to wear a mustache! Who is he? I’m surprised I don’t recognize him. I wonder why he was not in the film this mag is based on, “Tightropes at the Officer’s Club.” Any ideas?

I tried to find a link to a photo of Johnny Keller that I could post, but all that comes up is the delicious Colby Keller. Now I am thoroughly distracted. But I still need to know more about Johnny Keller…

quick answer – I believe he’s been in more than one CLOSE-UP publication; as far as GEVI, perhaps looking at CLOSE-UP as STUDIO might help?

oops, just looked, they made more films than I realized!

Yes! I found Johnny Keller in a mag called Close-Up No3 (1983). The whole mag is a spotlight feature on him. I just searched my PC using Close-Up as a keyword. Thanks for the suggestion! Johnny

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