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who’s your friend, Paul?

Stumbled upon some very nice photographs with a very familiar face, by photographer Malcom Hoare. Of course, Paul is very familiar (but aren’t you really Joe Porcelli?), but his lovely partner while somewhat familiar, I haven’t a clue who he is. Any ideas? Meanwhile, I can see that while this may be from a French publication, the photos seem to have been taken on Fire Island… and there might be a Jack Deveau connection? (That tease is for another post). Which made this that must harder, as the 2nd photo the 2nd guy looks a bit like Matt Harper (AKA Will Seagers) who has done work for Deveau (but, alas, not Joe…errr, Paul)!

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On first sight, I didn’t have a clue. I was mystified, intrigued and titillated. What beautiful shots. Such intimacy.

Then I did little research. See, I’m learning to think before I comment.

I believe Joe was originally known as “Paul” when photographed by Man’s Image in 1977 (or earlier). Those photos appeared in Mandate’s June 1977 & July 1978 issues, and Physical Man No3 (1978) and he was credited as Paul.

It seems that sometime thereafter (around 1979) he was rechristened Joe Porcelli and had also had his bicep tattoo written over (as it appears above). He was photographed by Roy Blakey for the Nov 1979 issue of Mandate.

But the only thing I’ve seen that relates to the above pics is a photo spread called “Natural Men” from In Touch No49 (1980), which was also photographed by Malcom Hoare (possibly the same shoot?) One of the other models in this shoot was called Ed Jeffreys and he looked a little bit like Matt Harper and a lot like our friend above.

I’ll send you what I have BJ, and we’ll see if we have a match.

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