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The Plumbers

Victor Houston & Rob (photographed by Adam Cadman, Pantheon Productions) from the WORKING MEN film loop series – The Plumbers (1979) – “Victor Houston and his apprentice Rob don’t use their tools on the sink for very long before they turn to plumbing each other. “

music – Vangelis’ Himalaya segues briefly at the end into Alan Parsons Project Hyper-Gamma-Spaces – much more fitting track – makes me wonder if Working Men #4 continues with this tune. (I just checked, it does – much more fitting music for porno, methinks)

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Some directors, like William Higgins or Steve Scott, would often slow down cumshots (I always loved this when it was a scene shot on film as opposed to videotape, though there are a wide range of opinions about it). But if anything, this whole loop seems to be on double speed, as if somebody hit the fast forward button on a VCR. Maybe that had something to do with transferring it from whatever speed film was used to shoot it originally to a later version? The description of the videotape collection Working Man on gevi indicates an unknown origin for these loops, at least in terms of what company made them.

And the music is interesting, very similar to the collections by Falcon, Nova, Colt etc. where there’s no live sound. It seems likely that the soundtrack was added when the loops were compiled for the videotape release and the loops themselves would have been silent. You’ve had some actual filmstrip style loops that you owned and sold, was that usually the case with those?

I have a question about Working Men magazine, issue #4 apparently. And I thought either you might know, or maybe Johnny or Obsessed or someone else here. It’s on one of that guy’s massive files over at the internet archive, the one titled U-Z (along with some of the other Working men mags including the one with the set for the plumbers on this post).

But in WM #4 there’s a pairing called Artists & Models, with one of each. First I was wondering if you knew a name for either of the guys; the one playing the model has what looks like an eagle tat on his left bicep.

Second, who was the (real) artist who did those amazing hardcore paintings behind them in most of the shots, any ideas? If you start at this link and scroll ahead a few pages you’ll find them:

you are referring to WORK MEN #4, not Working Men – the artwork is by SEAN…. don’t know the names of either guys, looks NOVA-ish, but can’t be sure (others in that magazine ARE NOVA stars)

Yes it apparently was Work Men, not Working Men, my mistake. I did see the same photos as the plumber ones from this post in another of those mags in the file, must have led to my confusion.

Thanks for the i.d. on those two guys, the one with the tat isn’t bad to me. But I’m especially grateful that you included those images, confirming the name of the artist. And seeing it in color on the cover of the Hang It Up mag is even better than the b&w pics.

So that was done by Sean, the illustrator of many drawings and series in other mags too. And it was on loan from the Hollywood Spa, where I’d bet it looked amazing! I didn’t know he did full sized paintings, or if I did I had forgotten since I mostly know his magazine sketches. It would be great to have seen it in full without anyone standing in front of it, or broken up into segments. Or maybe it’s still around somewhere? There should be a museum with erotic art like that, if there’s not already.

Thanks for the info, somehow I guessed you would be able to enlighten me about this. He even has a wiki article, Sean / Shawn’s real name was John Klamik:

And I just realized he drew those Erotic Dots in the earliest issues of Drummer, I uploaded a few of those to my imgur (and am a bit surprised they weren’t deleted in their recent porn purge):

(and yes I was horny-nerdy enough to attempt to complete the drawing for the second pic)

I spoke too soon, the completed one was deleted I guess :/ Well it looks hot if you take the time to fill in all the lines, it’s a guy on his knees jacking off in front of a mirror.

Oh wow! I used to go to the Hollywood Spa on Ivar Ave.! It had three stories – huge! I don’t remember this mural by SEAN! It must have been located on the sun deck, which I rarely visited. Or could it have been in the basement area, downstairs? That was like a maze! I’m having a vague recollection!

I stopped going to bath houses in the late 90’s, for personal reasons. I certainly wouldn’t go today, for vanity sake, and the fear of cell phone cameras! I went to my first one, in 1984.

I have a hard time believing that you didn’t recognize the work of SEAN, zephyr! You are after all, a connoisseur, of erotic art! You seem to know them all! Are you just trolling BJ, in order to get a reply – click bait? I have a feeling that BJ; also trolls his readers, sometimes as a joke! : )

Sorry, I couldn’t answer your questions about the two models. I’m touched that you thought I would – honored! BJ is right! Both of them look “NOVA–ish”. I went through the catalogue on GEVI – couldn’t find anything. Thanks for always providing extra information, for a question, BJ honey!

Your graciousness and generosity; can never be underestimated!

Let me also thank you as well, for all your links, zephyr! Lately, you’ve been like a fireball! Whew, I actually went through the complete LAcumBoy link, at! Exhausting!

I feel like the man in the vintage, Alka-Selzer television commercial: “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” : | Burp!

I’ll talk about SEAN and other erotic artists, later on. Cheers to both you and BJ! : )

; )

The artwork looked familiar, but not having seen it in painting form I didn’t really have anything to compare it to, in my mind. So no, not trolling or playing dumb here, just used the (incomplete) magazine title as the basis for my search, which led me here.

I think I stayed at the Hollywood Spa once in the 90s, if not that then another that was around in LA then as I passed through with an ex. I remember very little about it and didn’t even get off I don’t think, though the ex probably wandered as I slept. It was damn cold in there, I kept all my clothes on in the room except for shoes, and still had to try and wrap up inside the small towel they gave you.

I’d have assumed this mural would have been prominently placed, somewhere far enough away so nobody touched it? Maybe a memory of it will flash back for you (no shade with that comment either, I know what that’s like myself).

Glad you’re digging the links I’ve found and shared here, cheers friend.

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