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Honcho Jan 1983

Giorgio Canali (AKA Rocco Rizzoli) who you may remember from such films as Splash Shots, Members Only, Games where he portrays gay athlete Rocco Parissi – how many crazy Italian names can he have?, The Best Little Warehouse in L.A., Lockerroom Fever, Skin Deep, One In A Billion , and Brothers Should Do It – – – and god knows how many others! what’s your favorite scene with Rocco, er, Georgio, er Giorgio?

by 1985, he got 80’s hair

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I love him in everything. I’ll bring up just one scene–his scene with adorable brunet Tony Bravo in Other Side of Aspen 2. Love the moment when before rimming Tony’s gorgeous ass, he seems to inhale his musky scent. I love his face and astonishing cock and the worshipful attention he seems to give his partners. Lots of eye-contact and a hungy expression. The few times he speaks just enhance his extreme sex appeal. A thick accent, but the voice is surprisingly light–very, very sexy.

Actually, even though he is a very sexy guy, I have always been slightly disappointed with his scenes. Like most uber sexy guys of that time, they weren’t always venerated with the respectful videography that in hindsight they deserved. What would modern day directors such as Chi Chi do with them now I wonder..? However, he’s very well filmed on occasions in “Class Reunion” and the the director version of his scene with Tony Bravo is a fitting homage to a gay porn icon of the era.

Anything he did with (or to) Jon King. They seemed to have wonderful chemistry. How could they not? Best top ever, best bottom ever. Best cock of the period, and the best ass.

Right… When he topped Jon King. Must admit I loved the JW & Jon King scene from “Brothers should Do It”… They did actually look like they could really be brothers.

Agreed. In my naive years I thought Jon and JW really were and really did. Loved ’em together in “These Bases Are Loaded” too, but the chopped-up quick editing destroyed what must have been a beautiful, hot scene. Oh, for a re-edited director’s cut!

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