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I left something at the office

no more working from home!

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I know this porn flick! I know this porn flick! Right at the top of my head!

“Jawbreaker (1995)” – It’s kind of rare that you would post from a Catalina Video, but it’s not the first time.

This takes place in a sheriff’s office. Notice the star icons, on the swing doors in the background. Also take note, of the old fashion pencil sharpener, stuck on the wood panel wall.

The fellator on his knees, is the late, patricianly handsome, Mark West. Alas, he died in a drowning accident. I used to see him quite often, walking around in West Hollywood. He’s not to be confused, with the proletariat porn star, Marc West. Woody from GEVI actually makes that mistake. God love him!

From his brawny build, most viewers will probably recognize, who the dick belongs to. It’s none other than the beefy, Kristen Bjorn discovery, Anthony Gallo. His English was pretty good, considering that he was from Brazil. He became quite a success, when he came to the U.S.

I remember you posting, that you were especially fond of the title, of one of Gallo’s porn flick. Do you remember? It was “Tijuana Toilet Tramps (1994)” (“You sleaze!”).

Isn’t my memory fantastic! Do I win a prize? : )

yes yes, you win a prize…. let me see…

LOVE LOVE Anthony Gallo – oddly I have few good pics, but this cover from STROKE is super hot, and while I often crop out words, I also felt the focus on the cock/suit/blowjob worked better without the, well, head and STROKE title….

Tijuana Toilet Tramps! ahhhhhh, yes – it’s not just a great movie, but such a title – like you uses the word TRAMP??

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