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up the down staircase

So many NOVA stars wind up in these “compilation” magazines, like Super Star Studs, and JOCK SHOTS – Gym Nasties #2 – but it’s fun to figure out who, and when

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It’s curious that I first started watching gay porn in a theater, just when so many young stars became prominent, especially from studios like Nova and Williams Higgins’ Catalina.

It struck me then that I was basically the same age, as these porn hotties were.

I have to admit, I was rather envious of their cavalier attitude. I was pretty closeted at the time. They all seem to have such charmed and guilt-free lives. I came from a Catholic upbringing. I would never dream of appearing in porn, though I’ve had my fantasies.

Of course, we both know that this is a publicity photo for “Politics Be Damned (1979)”. As usual, Lee Marlin looks irresistible. There’s always such a sense of mischief and playful naughtiness, in all his pictures – charming!

He obviously loves being a bad boy. He was born for porn. I can’t imagine any queer, not desiring him.

Here’s another picture from the same shoot. Thank you Buck Naked!

He looks great from the back as well. It’s clear from his sexy expression, that he expects you to follow him up.

You can also title this, as “Stairway to Heaven” or “Stairway to Paradise”.

; )

Politics Be Damned! – a little more over here: my button says NO….

i swear there was another “politics” theme NOVA scene – Something Wild? or was that just “are you a liberal?”

porn theaters – me, 18, 1979 – Bijou in Chicago… the beginning of my schooling…

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