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COLT MEN 5 (mystery man)

alas, another magazine that I should not have sold – from my eBay notes at the time – first 17 pages are of BIG MAX solo; there are also 20 pages of Tony Regalia alone; plus 4 pages of the men together; and 3 pages of BIG MAX with another, unidentified man (you don’t see […]

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Working It Out

Director: John Gamble (1977?) – starring Chuck Stewart and Jim Craig (AKA Big Max, Mike Spanner) sigh. there is supposed to be 2 parts. alas, this is what I could find on a DVD compilation called “HOT JOBS” – not sure if the VHS version has both parts, or only this 7-minute version… well, at […]


Is that you, Max?

Jim Craig & Chuck Stewart (from Working It Out)


working it out

Jim Craig & Chuck Stewart from the John Gamble directed film Working It Out (1977?), but don’t he look like our man Big Max without the mustache?