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“BijouBlog – Interesting and provocative thoughts on gay history, gay sexual history, gay porn, and gay popular culture.”

Website and home to bazillions of vintage gay porn movies, and unfortunately the former gay porno theater where I spent my last year of high school and summers home from college practically living at. But this blog? talk about ramblings! how does he take Spock, leather boots, Carol Burnett, Old Reliable and make it into a post? don’t ask, just visit

some highlights:

"vintage" porn stars Tom DeSimone

Skin Deep

from the Lancer Brooks (AKA Tom DeSimone) film, Skin Deep, Beau Matthews distracts (or inspires) writer Johnny Dawes.

directors Tom DeSimone

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(I had the exact same look on my face reading the email, although I wasn’t naked at the time – or was I?)

as some of you may know, I am trying to update, clean up, and add to my non-blog parts of the website, (and working on some blog issues, as well) which includes updating my directors pages. While cleaning up links, I saw that my Tom DeSimone link no longer worked, but gave me the chance to purchase the domain. Heck, for a few bucks, why not. Maybe even snatch it up and see if Tom wants it, or I can just use it to keep interest in his porn titles (he’s done a lot more, but my interest, of course, is the porn!) But all due respect to Mr. Desimone, it’s about $2250 more than my budget can handle! sheeeeeeeeesh!!! where do they come up with pricing like that???

of course, if any of YOU want to snag it for me….. heehee! or just inundate them with $5 offers until they bring the price down. way down. way way way down.