Gordon Grant print porn models

advertising department

Flipping (scrolling) through old COLT Gallery issues, near the end of #6, the model JASON is congratulated for getting a job in the advertising department at AH MEN clothing – woooooooaaahhhh!!!! I said (nearly 2 years ago) – that must be why we see all these porn models of the era in those catalogues!

a national television commercial???

Below: Bob Noll, Gordon Grant, and Bill Cable; just below – Bob Noll, Bill Cable, and unidentified reddish mustache guy. scroll further to get some more pics from COLT’s 1972 Gallery 6 – the digest-sized magazine is all Jason (and his 70’s glasses) plus a few paired with Dominik (I think that’s his name, but can’t find that name elsewhere). Just a theory. We know Barresi appeared in a lot of Ah Men catalogues, Jeremy Brent (AKA Erron, for COLT), of course, Dakota….. as did Jack Wrangler and Casey Donovan (although I don’t think either did any work for COLT)… and others (waiting for my scolding for who I missed) who modeled clothes, and their junk…. more research! Bill Cable, hands down, appeared the most frequently.

Gordon Grant

crotch watcher

Tell me that pic above isn’t one of the best of Mr. Grant? I love that he never fit into the COLT wooden-God mode, but that he actually was shown enjoying sex, and was filthy and nasty and had a good time – like here in Crotch Watcher. (You’ll note that the GEVI link erroneously uses an ad for a similar, t-room film he did, Dirty Words – a solo whack off in a men’s room as he contemplates all the filty notes scrawled on the walls.) Here, he is looking for action, and gets it.

wash that filthy face, you filthy dirty fucker!

OK OK OK – a clip from the film, but not the entire episode – below, he’s already whacked off at home, but all the crotches and bulges he sees on his way to work – he’s still horny as fuck, so he pops into the nearest men’s room for another whack off, and….

Gordon Grant pornoclips

Oh Mr. Grant!

intro clip from Hot Truckin’ (1977) – as many of you know, Gordon’s only “talkie”
“come back in about 20 minutes”
“20 minutes???”
“you better make that 25!”

clip from The Crotch Watcher (1976) – Gordon Grant and an uncredited new friend

and yes, I will keep using Oh Mr. Grant! as a post title – what is it, my fourth time now>

Gordon Grant


“The hottest gay movie palace in New York: orgy in the orchestra, ball in the balcony, or make-out in the men’s room.”

oh, what the heck – If we’re gonna mix our Gordon with our Jack, let’s do a Jack promo:

Gordon Grant MAN'S IMAGE

front to back

I just acquired this magazine, and while it’s condition isn’t perfect (in fact, I suspect some pages are missing), nonetheless I just spent the morning scanning the entire thing. But out of the corner of my eye, I can see the thumbnail for page 34 looks a bit, um, bright. Dammit! So I scan again, and it’s nearly identical… hmmmm, so I finish up, am about to close the scanning app, and notice some funny looking buttons, and next to it a clickable button to “reset” – click, scan again, and now the scans look like the magazine itself, and no I am not re-scanning the whole dang thing!

While the original could use a bit of sharpening, I still want the scanner to reflect what’s there, then if I want, I can make a copy, and diddle, as I sometimes do (cropping, etc)

bonus, a business card was taped to one of the pages! Should I call?

Gordon Grant


I know I should do a better quality scan of the actual magazine – stored in a porn box in the porn basement – but alas, lazy, and this will have to do for now – from In Touch #61 a quick photo of Mr. Grant with a shorthand telling you to get more pics of him in In Touch #45, and Too Hot To Handle #8

"vintage" porn stars Gordon Grant Mickey Squires

too hot to handle

IN TOUCH magazine published a Too Hot To Handle series – with the tagline: “THE PHOTOS In Touch COULDN’T PRINT” – implying they were racier, naughtier, or something – and while they usually weren’t any of that, they were still good quality pics, “leftovers” from the earlier sessions from the original magazine’s issue, and often on better quality paper if I remember correctly. First isue appeared in 1978, and ran through 1985, maybe? I’m sure you recognize some of these men.

IN TOUCH also did at least one other magazine series, IN HEAT, same era, also often better quality print than the newstand regular issue of IN TOUCH.