"vintage" porn stars Gordon Grant MAN'S IMAGE


Vol 1, No 1

anyone remember this post? Good. Then I don’t feel so bad. I did in fact have the magazine scanned, but, alas, the settings were way off and many of the photos were too dark.

It was primarily a personal ads magazine (probably 40-50% of the magazine)- with some very nice Man’s Image photography (maybe 22 pages, including front and back covers); and maybe 15-20% “regular” advertising like other magazines, erection “assistance” products. Let’s see, Gordon Grant, Big Luke, Bart.. a couple others. So this will have to do, as I don’t feel like digging up the hard copy, looking for the scanner, and re-doing, ok?

MAN'S IMAGE print porn models

cocks of Men of Man’s

from MEN of MAN’S IMAGE – published 1977

"vintage" porn stars MAN'S IMAGE pornoclips


Boilerman’s Tool pt 1 Director John Gamble (1976) Big Luke, Rip Roren, and Bruce –

Funny, I was super sure I had posted at least a pic or two of Big Luke, but alas, one mention is all I could find with a simple search. Anyway, that top photos is probably my fave of his… and while he is quite handsome, I must admit that the images that use the construction helmet to shadow his face are sexier – just the mystery, and you can then only focus on the body, the cock… you know. And luckily he was in at least one film, so here you go!

Gordon Grant MAN'S IMAGE

front to back

I just acquired this magazine, and while it’s condition isn’t perfect (in fact, I suspect some pages are missing), nonetheless I just spent the morning scanning the entire thing. But out of the corner of my eye, I can see the thumbnail for page 34 looks a bit, um, bright. Dammit! So I scan again, and it’s nearly identical… hmmmm, so I finish up, am about to close the scanning app, and notice some funny looking buttons, and next to it a clickable button to “reset” – click, scan again, and now the scans look like the magazine itself, and no I am not re-scanning the whole dang thing!

While the original could use a bit of sharpening, I still want the scanner to reflect what’s there, then if I want, I can make a copy, and diddle, as I sometimes do (cropping, etc)

bonus, a business card was taped to one of the pages! Should I call?

MAN'S IMAGE print porn models



MAN'S IMAGE photographers

Physical Man, blond edition

from Physical Man 2 – Man’s Image (1977) – model is Don, photographer is Brent Rogers

more from Man’s Image

"vintage" porn stars MAN'S IMAGE photographers


1976, Man’s Image; John Gamble might be the photographer, and the model, of course, is Matt Harper