"vintage" porn stars vintage gay t-shirts

kirby scott

who you may remember from such films as

  • Gym Nasties (1978) w/ Gunner Hyde

oh, just the one film for COLT? and of course the 10-page photoshoot, Planning Ahead, (& cover) in 1981’s COLT MEN #9. (And there’s COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 14, BEST OF COLT MEN #3, and likely some Mandate & Honcho appearances) I’ll admit readily that Gunner Hyde is much more my type (much, much more – the 70’s mustaches, the hairy body, I could go on) but I haven’t posted a “Vintage Gay T-Shirt” in awhile… should I do one on ridiculously tight shorts, too?

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Weirdly, I just revisited “Gym Nasties” yesterday. Gunner Hyde, woooooof…..he just exuded sex. There’s something rather aloof about Kirby Scott in that loop, still hot but he’s not my Gunner…

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