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Collectors Realm 3

“Home of Jack Drago, Vintage Gay Male and Bob’s Guys”

I only pay attention to the Vintage Gay Male portion of the website (big surprise) – which is still HUGE! Seems to have a lot of 60’s muscle boys, but also some great stuff from the 70’s and 80’s.

If you wanna hear Eric Ryan explain where “disco skating” got it’s start – go right here. Or a nice spread on Hawk Morgan? Maybe some Campus Cocks? Or how about some Gordon Grant – he’s got at least 3 posts on Mr. Grant, and a portion of a Jim West interview that touches on his work with Gordon (although I admit to being confused with him tagging Man’s Image photography as Man’s Age – maybe it’s the same photographer, maybe it’s Jim West???). Give it a spin, but promise to come back!

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I know an edited version came out on DVD from that mysterious Classic Bareback Film company, and they strangely are using actual FILM PRINTS for their transfers (even if they’re cut/incomplete).

I think most of the film is available elsewhere anyway, right? It’s all existing loops except for that Gordon Grant footage and I thought it was part of “The Crotch Watcher”?

Thank you for the suggestion! I just wrapped myself up in plentiful photos of the stunning Joe Canoli photographed by Champion :p

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