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suited Roger

the trouble with those uni-named pornstars like Roger is searching your harddrive, or even your own website, you get many, many non-ROGERS. But have at it – Nick Rogers, Jim Rogers, Clint Rogers, Frank Vickers once appeared as a Roger in TORSO, of course COLT had a Roger……

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My dream man! Did I ever tell you about the time I was catfished by someone claiming to be Roger to fleece me out of money to send me DVD copies of his movies?

no way! that happened to me about a zillion years ago, via an AOL chatroom – he sent blurry faceless pic as “proof” it was him!

Oh wow, someone else experienced this, too?! I never even got a blurry pic, just “I’m getting back to the gym to get back in shape, maybe a comeback is in store” nonsense. I actually sent the $$ for the VHS tape (this was before DVD became widespread) which was just a copy of the Bijou tapes.

In 2000, an imposter posing as Roger appeared on a number of Yahoo! groups, but was soon exposed as a fraud. He told stories of having attended Al Parker’s memorial service in 1992, remaining in touch with co-star Jack Wrangler, and maintaining a monogamous relationship since the late 1980s while living in a suburb of Chicago. All of this information was completely false.

Roger died in a car accident outside of Las Vegas in 1982

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