men in suits photographers Richard Locke


by Roy Blakey, October 1979

men in suits

Rob Steve Tony Nick

men in suits pornstar - videography

Mark Rutter

who you may remember from such films as

  • Moving Violation (1979) w/Clint Lockner & Mike Davis (MV-51)
  • Sweathogs (1979) w/Dick Trask (MV-54)
  • Shack Up (1979) w/Hank Ditmar (MV-55)
  • Inches (1979) as Buck Stevens
  • Prowlers (1981) w/Ed Wiley (MV-60)
  • One More Time (1981) w/Rocco Rizzoli (MV-63)
  • Modern Men, Modern Toys (1985)

I need to dig out Modern Men and refresh my memory on Mark’s role – I think my VHS copy isn’t such great quality, but heck, still need to see it, right?

and in these publications:

  • Pit Stop (as Buck Stevens) w/Al Parker
  • COLT MEN 8 (1980)
  • Mandate (April, 1980) as Buck Stevens
  • Honcho (May 1980) as Buck Stevens – centerfold
  • Mandate Vol. 6 No. 67 (Dec. 1980) – only 2 pics, but they’re 2 pages each!
  • Honcho (Feb. 1981) as Buck Stevens – cover & centerfold
  • Mandate (April, 1982) as Buck Stevens
  • HONCHO Leather Special #01 (1982)
  • HAND JOBS (198?) – Buck Stevens – Surge Studios
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 9: All American Jocks (1987)
  • The BEST COLT MEN Issue #2 – LEATHER (1989)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather (1994)

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Mark Rutter at GEVI

"vintage" porn stars men in suits photographers

Don Kyle

who you may remember as DAN KENNEDY from NOVA films! (OK, just the one) Here he is from IN TOUCH #30 (1978) maybe before NOVA/Nebula got a hold of him, photographed by HY CHASE.

a few internet searches gets us a bit more – like Big Dick Dan (a whole heck of a lot of photos!! which makes me think there’s more searching to do in my In Touch collection) and as Harry Hungwell in a str8 porno clip!

90's porn men in suits

lazy rainy Friday post

Aiden Shaw

"vintage" porn stars men in suits

Mr. Connors

from a November 1984 Honcho photospread, BIG BUSINESS, Dave Connors

men in suits

Vito Cesari

Vito Cesari, from COLT’s SPUR #7 (1981); also appeared in (YUM – see below!) COLT SPURS 10: Special Leather Edition (1982) & HONCHO Leather Special #01 (1982), and COLT SPURS #17 (Best of #3) (the last 3 of these seemed to all be the same leather photoshoot – not that I’m complaining!)

He appeared in only one film – COLT’s Hard at Work with Jake Baker (also Jake’s only film)