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Mark Rutter

who you may remember from such films as

  • Moving Violation (1979) w/Clint Lockner & Mike Davis (MV-51)
  • Sweathogs (1979) w/Dick Trask (MV-54)
  • Shack Up (1979) w/Hank Ditmar (MV-55)
  • Inches (1979) as Buck Stevens
  • Prowlers (1981) w/Ed Wiley (MV-60)
  • One More Time (1981) w/Rocco Rizzoli (MV-63)
  • Modern Men, Modern Toys (1985)

I need to dig out Modern Men and refresh my memory on Mark’s role – I think my VHS copy isn’t such great quality, but heck, still need to see it, right?

and in these publications:

  • Pit Stop (as Buck Stevens) w/Al Parker
  • COLT MEN 8 (1980)
  • Mandate (April, 1980) as Buck Stevens
  • Honcho (May 1980) as Buck Stevens – centerfold
  • Mandate Vol. 6 No. 67 (Dec. 1980) – only 2 pics, but they’re 2 pages each!
  • Honcho (Feb. 1981) as Buck Stevens – cover & centerfold
  • Mandate (April, 1982) as Buck Stevens
  • HONCHO Leather Special #01 (1982)
  • HAND JOBS (198?) – Buck Stevens – Surge Studios
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 9: All American Jocks (1987)
  • The BEST COLT MEN Issue #2 – LEATHER (1989)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather (1994)

more Mark Rutter on BJland
Mark Rutter at GEVI

18 replies on “Mark Rutter”

Oh my God, YES! He’s my FAVE-RIT!! It’s like I asked and you magically delivered. I haven’t even really read the post fully yet. So excited.

I do have a lot of favorites, but he’s up there. Top 20? 10?

YES, Sweathogs! Such a hot loop. Everybody go watch it now.

Alright, just calm down.

OMG, there’s a 2nd clip and so many hot photos! I mean, I already hat a huge collection, but not all of these. Love this man! Such a gift. Thanks, BJ!

BTW, the one with Al Parker is titled “Hand Job.” Is that the name of a mag?

Mark Rutter is magnificent. Thanks for putting a lot of photos I hadn’t seen. I’ll watch the clip tomorrow. I never was aware of him till your posts of him in that same suit as the third picture. Yes, as with Buddy, I won’t a society so successful economically, that men can relax in high-fashion suits or jeans and walk down the street to their corporate meeting and not even pay attention to it–till they’re ready.

Yes, even the police would take a knee for these baskets.

What a beauty! I don’t recall seeing the establishing shots on Prowler before. Guessing that Parker loved Rutter/Meadows foreskin.

I put a link up to that Mike Morris clip you were looking for wayback. from . I didn’t know if you look at replies for older posts.

seems like there’s some interest in this post! yeah! I love the 2 b/w COLT photos with the awesome shadow – I don’t know why, but cockshadow I find very hot! and that last one I just discovered, no model credit, IN TOUCH #63, “A1 photos” is all it says.

This is my favorite BJLand profile in a while. Did I make that clear?

Thanks for adding the mags! I can see what I’m missing.

Thank you!

Thought I’d leave this link here in case BJ or anyone is interested. Director Josh Eliot, who worked for Catalina for many years, has been writing blog posts with memories of his time behind the camera, for the ‘bijou world’ website. Josh dated Mark Rutter for much of the 90s, meeting him in 91 and lasting through to when Mark died in early 99, at the age of 48. There are quite a few pics of Mark as well as an interesting factoid, during his era making porn scenes he also appeared in a Donald Sutherland film as an extra! Link below:

Indeed, aside from Josh (whose posts have been fascinating to me) they also got Will Seagers to write about his life in and out of porn as well. Which you may have mentioned here before, not sure about that. I fault the website for not listing the individual authors with a tag of some kind beyond just the word ‘admin’, but if you find the latest post by someone there will be links to everything they wrote before. And this seems to be the most recent one written by Will back in July. So if you or anyone wanted to see any of his 20+ other posts, scroll to the bottom and look for ‘You can read Will Seagers’ previous blogs for Bijou here’:

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