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Mark Rutter

who you may remember from such films as

  • Moving Violation (1979) w/Clint Lockner & Mike Davis (MV-51)
  • Sweathogs (1979) w/Dick Trask (MV-54)
  • Shack Up (1979) w/Hank Ditmar (MV-55)
  • Inches (1979) as Buck Stevens
  • Prowlers (1981) w/Ed Wiley (MV-60)
  • One More Time (1981) w/Rocco Rizzoli (MV-63)
  • Modern Men, Modern Toys (1985)

I need to dig out Modern Men and refresh my memory on Mark’s role – I think my VHS copy isn’t such great quality, but heck, still need to see it, right?

and in these publications:

  • Pit Stop (as Buck Stevens) w/Al Parker
  • COLT MEN 8 (1980)
  • Mandate (April, 1980) as Buck Stevens
  • Honcho (May 1980) as Buck Stevens – centerfold
  • Mandate Vol. 6 No. 67 (Dec. 1980) – only 2 pics, but they’re 2 pages each!
  • Honcho (Feb. 1981) as Buck Stevens – cover & centerfold
  • Mandate (April, 1982) as Buck Stevens
  • HONCHO Leather Special #01 (1982)
  • HAND JOBS (198?) – Buck Stevens – Surge Studios
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 9: All American Jocks (1987)
  • The BEST COLT MEN Issue #2 – LEATHER (1989)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather (1994)

more Mark Rutter on BJland
Mark Rutter at GEVI

14 replies on “Mark Rutter”

Oh my God, YES! He’s my FAVE-RIT!! It’s like I asked and you magically delivered. I haven’t even really read the post fully yet. So excited.

I do have a lot of favorites, but he’s up there. Top 20? 10?

YES, Sweathogs! Such a hot loop. Everybody go watch it now.

Alright, just calm down.

OMG, there’s a 2nd clip and so many hot photos! I mean, I already hat a huge collection, but not all of these. Love this man! Such a gift. Thanks, BJ!

BTW, the one with Al Parker is titled “Hand Job.” Is that the name of a mag?

Mark Rutter is magnificent. Thanks for putting a lot of photos I hadn’t seen. I’ll watch the clip tomorrow. I never was aware of him till your posts of him in that same suit as the third picture. Yes, as with Buddy, I won’t a society so successful economically, that men can relax in high-fashion suits or jeans and walk down the street to their corporate meeting and not even pay attention to it–till they’re ready.

Yes, even the police would take a knee for these baskets.

What a beauty! I don’t recall seeing the establishing shots on Prowler before. Guessing that Parker loved Rutter/Meadows foreskin.

I put a link up to that Mike Morris clip you were looking for wayback. from . I didn’t know if you look at replies for older posts.

seems like there’s some interest in this post! yeah! I love the 2 b/w COLT photos with the awesome shadow – I don’t know why, but cockshadow I find very hot! and that last one I just discovered, no model credit, IN TOUCH #63, “A1 photos” is all it says.

This is my favorite BJLand profile in a while. Did I make that clear?

Thanks for adding the mags! I can see what I’m missing.

Thank you!

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