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bartender, waiter and life guard

I’ve been neglecting my fellow porn bloggers! But in case you hadn’t seen this, over at BijouWorld’s BijouBlog, guest blogger Matt Harper / Will Seagers! Check out his post – Welcome Matt/Will – and yes, I only skimmed! But that’s to get this posted quickly, and I can go back and read more about his life on Fire Island, San Francisco, etc.

I still can’t believe this is him on the cover!

and don’t forget my own pornstar videography from a short while back

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Where else would I have learned about this?!

And to think, this is so recent! I’m so overjoyed to learn about his life, and that he’s still living and doing all right!

In his later films like “Massage Boys (1988)”, he seemed rather gaunt, so that made me worry about his health.

Ahem, I was the one who introduced you to the Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society link, which mentioned that his real name was Gene Gordon. : /

But hey, as I said before, I’m not bitter. I’m used to these slights. : )

In that link, there’s a beautiful Polaroid picture of him wearing red trunks, which anyone can immediately identify, was taken by Tom Bianchi.

(I hope this link works!)

Wow, he’s matured into quite a distinguished-looking gentleman! The cheekbones and jaw line are still intact!

Your website is like a party! So I never come empty handed!

Here’s another teasing, naughty picture of him from Target! He actually looks rather bashful here – nice dick!,+my+favorite+clone,+by.jpg

He truly was a Porn Divo – just wonderful! I’ll be forever grateful for his love scene with Richard Locke in “L.A. Tool & Die (1979)”. It was iconic! They were a dynamic duo!

Wouldn’t it be magical, if he replied to this post! : )

Thank you so much for all your work Mr. Gene Gordon aka Will Seagers/Matt Harper! You’ll never be forgotten!

And of course, endless thanks to you and your blog, BJ honey! xoxoxo

; )

wondering about that last pic – looks a lot like a MAN’S IMAGE photo – what’s the source (hard to tell from an image link to “blogspot”) – certainly he worked for both around the same time.

What a pleasure to read! Will has always been a fave of mine, and what an adventure his life has been ! I have great admiration for someone who lives life to the fullest, constantly moving and exploring and enjoying it. Cheers Will!

WOW WOW WOW! What a fantastic read! Who can forget Bruno & Will together by the pool – Bruno bearing down on Will, his hairy forearms locking Will into place, while tenderly kissing him in lustful ecstasy. What a coupling! A classic.

I appreciate everyone’s comments, but is no one going to mention that Mandate cover? Are we sure that’s really him with all that chest and belly fur? The photos from Falcon’s “Will Seagers and the Hustler” show him with a slight dusting of hair across the chest if you look closely and he’s always had a very nice treasure trail, but I always thought of him as naturally smooth.

Anyway, great to know that he is alive and well. I can’t wait to read the blog link. Thanks!

yes – the MANDATE cover! I share your skepticism… he IS credited on page 2 of the issue as being the cover model – and the only thing I can thing of is to look at other Man’s Image pics/models at the time, and see if maybe they sent over an erroneous pic..

or, now that we know Matt is alive and well, try to get him to verify if it is him – someone go over to Bijou Blog and ask, please!

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