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Carpenters Tool

The loop is called Carpenters Tool (BHT-1), AKA Jeff & Larry (1980) from the LeSalon release Body Heat; the video release brought all 6 in the Body Heat series together. Potential next class project – find all 6 loops, and find all corresponding magazines (if they exist). Speaking of class projects, someone should do a book on Le Salon – the bookstore, the porn empire – that managed to distribute so much 70’s stuff – in effect preserving, but not necessarily recording the details, of some great early gay porn.

trivia – while composing this post, I saw that the first pic (8MM) I had already uploaded to my webhosting service back at the end of 2017 – but alas, can’t find a post with that image! Long lost draft? evolved into something else? who knows!

Now, the magazine gives us a little more – at some point they change gear – or Larry does… or is that Jeff…? Anyway, it’s a 1980 Pantheon publication, photographed by Colin Myer, called HEAT – and it’s nice to have both the stills and the video action – enjoy!

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Seeing this got me going through some magazines in bought on a trip to NYC in the 70’s. Two of them I have always wondered if loops were made. The first is called Hard At Work and the other is Sex Garage. The guy on the cover of the latter, hmm is that you Joe Gage? I have always dreamed that one day I will come across some film of these encounters!

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