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Modern Men

I can not recall this video! Looking at the listing on Gay Erotic Video Index, it sounds vaguely familiar – “Follow Max Montoya into his world of Electronic ecstasy: Video-phone, VCR’s, tapes and cameras. Meet his voyeur house computer the G.I.M.7742.” – I want this movie! Seems like the mid 80’s had several of these “porno in the modern world” or “porno in the future” themes, right? Al Parker’s Hard Disk Drive, for one. I think Parker’s Head Trips was a futuristic peep show, of sorts, right? And there’s Flesh 1995 – (post nuclear war), another post-nuclear war with Eric Manchester – The Exchange, and oh yeah – Sex Drive 2020….. any others?

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Do spaceship-robot fantasies count? There’s “Rod’s Raiders,” another gonzo-fabulous flick from Adam & Company, featuring Max Montoya and directed by Thor Johnson. I love Adam & Company films, “the uncuttest kind of all.” Wish I had collected all of them.

Sunstroke (1986) had a “post-nuclear war in a unforgiving desert” theme. Tim Kramer inflicting cruelties on a (somewhat prissy) leather-clad chain-gang. Two very hot fuck scenes, though, between big-dicked John Davenport and creamy-assed blond Michael Vincent.

oh right! funny, i only remember vaguely poolside stuff in Sunscreen, forgot about the post-nuclear content!

I remember watching some of this video in the 1980s. Unfortunately, the video tape was faulty and I only got to see a little of it. I hope you find it. It’s notable for having Mark Rutter, one of my favorite pornstars, with an UNshaved hairy chest.

WOW! Mark Rutter looks SO sultry and well, edible in that box shot. I’ve seen the still of Mark that’s featured, but never seen the video – GOOD LUCK finding it and, ahem, share a few scenes! ;)

Agree to ALL.

I’m ecstatic over these pics from “Modern Men…” I gotta’ get this film. Adam & Co is another studio I am less than familiar with. Would like to be more familiar!

Thanks Zephyr, thanks BJ!

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