to finally get rid of the porno? I’m overrun by it, VHS is close to worthless, and I need the space – here’s a quick look at the COLLECTION (INCOMPLETE LIST), so what to do?

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No way! Some of those movies are not available anywhere. Like the Halsted movies for example. Like l.a. plays itself and sextool.. forget about it

Maybe you could transfer them to DVD or Blu-ray? Or convert them to digital files and transfer them to an external hard drive? That way you’ll still have copies and will save a lot of space.

BJ or anyone know anything?
There are news about a film in 1987/88 in which Bill Cable starred and did the screenplay called What’s Love, which also porn stars Ginger Lynn and Tom Byron attended. It is not known if the film was released. We can not find images related to this production. There are records only. May have been released in Nov 30, 1986.

Btw.. if you ever want to sell em let me know. Seeing those Halsted movies is definitely a reason to break out the old vcr. :-)

well, if I have and duplicates on Halsted or others, certainly, but the i have a lot more JUNK that I need to get rid of.

I’ve been looking for a copy of Heatstroke since the day I saw it. I’ve searched all over the web and couldn’t find it anywhere. If there is any chance you are selling your copy or copies, I would love to throw my money your way.

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