"vintage" porn stars bear

wet bear

no pornstar videography for Jason Steele? remind me when I return from a few days off….

90's porn bear Paul Barresi

firebear, firemanbear, barresibear

I’m guessing, from previous posts, that I liked this series of photos from BEAR #23 magazine (1993)


papa bear

Rolf Eric Bergman, Altomar Video star of Absolutely Uncut, Hoods and Helmets, Beaters Digest, and Bear’ly Tamed, amongst others; cover of Drummer 129

previously on BJland: papa bare

bear boots

plaid in black & white

previously – foreman for men – not to get picky, these are great, but would love some Gunther / plaid / color photos..

did he really first appear in Honcho in 1978, but not in COLT’s own publications til COLT MEN 18 (1987), and BEST OF COLT 7 (1995)?

OK – so while editing – I found the above – not great quality, but it’ll do (do what???)

bear Mickey Squires

Mickey’s ass

work. busy. enjoy

90's porn bear

plaid bear

I suspected I posted this pic before; but the real point, besides his nice, well, everything, is that I never should have sold this 1996 Classic Bear Magazine, chock full of hot bears from 1990’s Bear Magazine, with a buttload of photos from Jim Wigler.

I promised I will look up this man’s name later, but off to work – not entirely sure why I must work during Bear Week; , but here we are.


lumberjack carpenter

known in COLT world as George Dana, he also did modeling work for Al Parker’s SURGE Studio as SAMSON. No (known) film work from what I can tell.

you may have seen him in one of these publications –

  • Blueboy – January (1983) – as Samson
  • HONCHO – January (1983) – as Samson
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 10: Men At Work (1987)
  • COLT MEN 24 cover – (1990)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather (1994)
  • BEST OF COLT MEN #7: Hot n Hairy (1996) – cover