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Marcus Cobb

Not much Marcus Cobb at the COLTstore; otherwise, we see him in COLTMEN 17, Honcho November 1981 (which I sold in 2017 without taking enough scans), and Mandate June 1981. Of course there’s that time I thought he was Karl Mann! A nice selection of pics over at RetroStuds; and I do enjoy the hairy butthole / socks look (maybe a little more sock?). And not to complain, it’s a nice shot, but to have the wrestling singlet pic without the printed word would’ve been awesome.

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Hey, you forgot to mention his romantic profile – that jaw line! Jim French was right. He does suggest John Barrymore – matinee idol:

Where did Jim French find these guys?! I love models that can smolder:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall, when he interviewed and made deals, with these paragons!

I especially like this photo. Joe Gage wholeheartedly agreed with me, when I described Jim French’s work, as both raunchy and elegant:

Don’t worry, BJ honey. I forgive you, for that GLARING mistake! Ooh boy! *WHISTLE* : /

None of us are getting any younger. ;

you’re too funny! “romantic profile” – yes, i “forgot” since i often say things like “romantic profile”!!

oh, and care to elaborate on this: “Joe Gage wholeheartedly agreed with me, when I described Jim French’s work, as both raunchy and elegant:”????????

Well, I do admit to also visiting his blog. I hope you don’t mind. You’ve done it too. : )

Don’t worry, BJ honey. You’ll always be number one. For one thing, you offer me so many more reasons, to respond. We’re so often, on the same wavelength. I can’t keep up! That’s why I’m often, very late.

You’re also a lot more generous. It’s easier to comment here, than it is there. A lot of times, my comments don’t go through. It’s either because of a technical glitch, or he may be more discriminating. We’ve had our disagreements, which I will reveal later, in a future response.

I’m only too honored, to provide him with some porn information, which he didn’t know. Like you, I’ve also had to correct him. I hope I don’t sound like a show-off, or a name-dropper. LOL!

You can figure out my alias. Don’t be jealous. ; )

P.S. Oh, one last thing! Wouldn’t you love Mr. Cobb, to cornhole you?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! LOL! ; )

let me just say this – I sold the November 1981 HONCHO – this is what I noted: “Marcus Cobb (Colt Studios) – 6 pages (3 2-page yummy – if you like buttholes – photos!) “

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