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I upgraded my blog, and it seems to have lost a lot of followers over the last two days – updated security, and something else I don’t understand – so if you’ve made it back, let me know! If you encounter broken pages, let me know!

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Glad you’re back. I check you most daily and when the site was down, I was concerned and distressed we may have lost a great blog.

yeah! thanks for checking in, and letting me know the “fix” works! I updated something, and some plugins apparently aren’t compatible – woo-hoo!

I would get the first page in the last 3 mornings, then ‘website is having problems’ or whatever it said. Then this morning, I could get it but it wouldn’t let me evev comment about the problem. So I’m glad it’s working. I knew you’d get it back. Because it’s necessary….

awww, thanks! updates/upgrades not all compatible, but glad it’s working now – i still have to check some non-blog pages…. but we’re back!

the page that came up said the site is experiencing technical difficulties for several days. Have not been able to get farther than that until today.

Uh, BJ honey, I hate to break this to you, but this Colt guy, isn’t Karl Mann. It’s Marcus Cobb. Where are your glasses? Jim French said he had a profile like John Barrymore. (You do know who John Barrymore was, right? And don’t tell me, he’s the grandfather of Drew Barrymore!) : )

Welcome back! I’ll admit I was worried that we lost you forever! ; )

grrrrr! it’s that damn mustache! and the aggravation of 3 days trying to get the site back up – Pat Sutton has the same mustache, too!

I bought a new computer with a bigger hard drive & was surprised I kept getting an error message when I tried accessing your blog. It worked finally a couple a days ago.

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