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Lee Ryder, who you may remember from such films as Spokes, Screen Play, A Few Good Men, Hot City Streets , and The Biggest One I Ever Saw!

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And you know what they say about guys with big ears. He did have a quirky kind of handsomeness didn’t he? I liked him. He was self-effacing. In an interview he admitted that even he, didn’t think his ass was attractive. He never bottomed. He sure was lean. It’s as if all the flesh went to his dick. To think that he, and that well-hung Cupid, Rod Phillips, were an item. That’s quite a sword fight. Don’t you like that scene in “Screen Play” where he attempts to fuck Eric Ryan,who rarely bottomed, against his yelping protests. Ryder finally loses patience, drops character, and yells to him, “Relax!”. Talk about sinema verite! I saw Ryder in person once in a bathhouse, shortly before he died. It was strange. Instead of wearing just a towel, he was fully clothed. He was shorter than I was. He also had a beard, but I still recognized him. I asked him, “Are you..” but before I finished, he responded, “Lee Ryder? No.” I got weirded out, so I just moved on. I also saw Rod Phillips on another night, at that same bathhouse; small world.

Speaking of Lee and his big body parts, as you were on this post back in 2011 … thanks to my youtube musical slideshows I can identify some of the background music heard in Huge 1, where Lee is in two of the three scenes from the original videotape, Hot City Streets and For Men Only.

— Jean-Luc Ponty / Mystical Adventures Part 3 / Mystical Adventures Part 5 (maybe Part 4 as well?) / Rhythms Of Hope

— Yellow Magic Orchestra / Computer Game

— Jean-Michel Jarre / Equinoxe Part 7

There’s also a cover of the Stevie Wonder song As that plays during the second part of the clubhouse scene with Lee, Mike Weldon (aka Brian Nichols) and Brian Spence, I didn’t try to post that to yt but I recognized the chorus parts (“until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky, until the ocean covers every mountain high…”) though it’s definitely a cover and not the original song.

OMG OMG – how funny, i wasn’t even looking at the blog, but somehow started playing Jean-Michel Jarre; as you probably know the use of his “Souvenir De Chine” in Falconhead 2, and all over OIL RIG #99….. oh, oh, and Jean Luc Ponty’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “As” – I wrote about that here in 2002
OMG I have to play that now! – oh wait, should share it – Jean Luc Ponty – AS

That cover of As is definitely the one that plays in Huge 1, and it makes sense that it was by him since Jean-Luc’s other songs play in that first scene as well. That’s one of my favorite Stevie songs, and he’s got a ton of great ones as I am sure you know. Nice to know the ID on those other songs too, I was hoping you’d be interested in this. The Jarre song was towards the end of Huge I think, the last scene with Lee and the two military guys in the T-room at the gas station.

now I have to do ANOTHER post of HUGE! Lee Ryder in HUGE (old archives) ( I also have to figure out a shortcut to searching the “blogger” years on BJland – 2001 through early 2010 – anyway, HUGE RYDER is now in my overflowing draft folder….

Oh that’s right, I commented when you did a post about the hot blond guy in Huge 2 who keeps his sunglasses on throughout, Steve Sprague. Well an updated Huge 1 post is a worthy addition to your blog also, whenever you get to it.

I read this note on the gevi page for Huge 1:

“After the military tried to suppress it’s soldiers from being used in porn, recruits still made it onto videos such as this one but with greater pay and some disguise.”

And I assume that the two guys in the For Men Only T-room scene with Lee are who they are referring to, since neither Matt Stoker nor Rick Jensen seem to have done any other porn at all, except for that scene. And Rick, with the blond hair, maybe that was a wig and part of the disguise the note alludes to?

The note on gevi also mentions the cheesy dubbed dialogue, and that part is 100% right, I was cracking up when I watched it again. “My pants are getting full, yep got a rise in my Levis…” LOL I wonder if the voice actors were ad-libbing or reading from a script?

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