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Oy, BJ! I really don’t have time for this response, but the topics you bring up are so irresistible!

As I always say, I’m always pressed for time and sleep, but that doesn’t stop me from shoving my opinion, down everyone’s throat! So glad there’s only one comment – less crowded!

Jack Wrangler is proof enough for me, that you DO enjoy blonds, though you profess a preference for brunets.

This is in reverence to the previous posts, of both Scott Russell and Will Garrett. I’ve been waiting for the proper occasion and context. I describe all three as “blond bruisers” or “brusque blonds”.

I agree with the general consensus, that blond Casey Donovan was the first gay porn star. But in my humble opinion, Jack Wrangler was the first “Porn Divo”.

He really did raise the bar, to how good a porn star could become.

Not only was he good looking and well hung, but he could perform sexually, and had acting ability! Most important of all, he brought personality to all-male porn, which is always desperately needed!

He started in silent loops, but his resonant speaking voice, came in very handy. Yeah, he could be “over the top”, but I always say it’s more important to give the audience too much, rather than too little.

I respect his over-enthusiasm, in pleasing the audience.

I love making analogies to porn and mainstream media. In both, you tend to have blond performers who look ethereal and angelic – pretty and elegant.

The stunning Phillip Holmes from the early 1930’s, was a perfect example. Hey Parisian, you film buff, have you ever heard of him?

Sure enough, that’s also the case with all-male porn. Jim French used a number of blond Colt models, who were ethereally handsome – out and out angels!

I believe his favorite model was John Pruitt. He had great nipples!

I’m trying my best to be short and concise. Let me post just one more example. Some of you may also be familiar with Colt’s, Roger Canyon.



In contrast, you had porn stars like Jack Wrangler, who were ruggedly handsome, but not pretty. They were very scrappy and earthy.

I previously made the comparison to golden, vintage, tough actors, like Sterling Hayden, Aldo Ray, Forrest Tucker, Lloyd Bridges, Chuck Connors, Ken Clark, Kirk Douglas, Richard Widmark, Steve McQueen, Nick Nolte, Brian Keith, Bo Svenson, Charles Napier, Ed Harris, etc. etc. I could list more, but I won’t!

The wonderful Jack Wrangler is gone now; but a number of other “blond bruisers” or “brusque blonds”, did come later, to carry on his golden legacy. Granted, not all of them were “Porn Divos”, but they still were very vivid and exciting!

Like Wrangler, they were all hot, masculine, could perform well, and had some acting ability. You know me; I’m an “Alpha Hunter”! Nothing gets me off like masculine men, in all-male porn – both blonds and brunets!

Let me post some of my golden favorites. They all have manly voices! (I hope these links work!):

Jason Branch was fabulous!

Ditto Parker Williams! I love to watch all these guys fuck!

The aforementioned Scott Russell – ruff and gruff!



Rats! The link above to Jason Branch, didn’t work! It was so hot! I’ll have to settle for this one:

Yeah, the late Bo Dean was gay-for-pay; but he didn’t disappoint. I still hated his tattoos. It’s so sad how he ended up. Here’s a rare, playful ass-shot!

Yes, I agree the mature; Chad Brock is a bit over exposed. But I still dig him! He deserves mentioning.

Do any of you remember Paul Bain? He was another hot, mature stud!

I also vividly remember Bill Madison, though he only made two films – unique presence!

I don’t have a preference for blonds, though I do consider myself a gentleman!

I consider these seven, to be worthy successors, to the great Jack Wrangler! I’m sure I’ll think of others, later.

Maybe blonds really do have more fun!

; )

just posting TWO of your links – but I just can’t keep up – and the movie stars….. i am PORNO-CRAZED – so I have my limits (winky face)

Thanks for introducing me to Philip Holmes, Obsessed. He was, I agree, stunning. He must not have been a top name, I just looked him up in wiki and hadn’t heard of any of his Filmography, but looks-wise he was certainly A-List. I don’t see, however, even a trace of resemblance between him and Jack Wrangler. I didn’t see any in any of the others you mentioned, so I’ll try to see if I can think of any. I don’t see him as “scrappy and earthy” and do see him as “pretty”. He is very cute and very short. I liked him, thought he had some acting talent (but always campy, which he may have been the best at), but not so much.

Also, this Paul Bain is gorgeous. The blond highlights are wonderfully done. You’ve introduced me to a lot of new names, but these two stand out, and Bain is extraordinary. I wonder if he did some mainstream modelling, as he was perfect for it.

So, I’m going to spend some valued leisure quality-Obsessed time seeing if I can find someone mainstream who resembles Jack Wrangler or has some Wrangler-like qualities. He basically reminds me of male teen starlets of the 50s and 60s, and his charm for me is primarily that of an old period actor. I don’t find him especially “rugged”, but “cute”. And he was definitely mainly cute in person (charmingly so, and funny.) I’d always liked him in the movies for the cuteness, although I found him sexy for a long time. He’s still attractive, but no longer excites me as he clearly still does many on this board

Wrangler now strikes me, in turns of persona, much like Troy Donahue, Gardner Mackay (a little, but not in looks at all), Van Williams, Peter Brown, Ed Byrnes, David Nelson, Gary Clark. To me, he had mainly this “pure Hollywood” (if there quite is a such thing) quality and a lot of energy. Something of Rick Nelson too, but Rick was sexier, especially as he got older. More of a TV-star persona than a feature-film star. At least that’s all I can come up with right now.

Frankly, I rarely find porn stars who resemble legit actors. Often the pornstars are more breathtaking, and sometimes the other way around.

CORRECTIONS: Oy, I really do need an editor! I tend to get careless and sloppy, when I’m excited!

I meant to type the word “reference” not “reverence”.

Mr. Phillip(s) Holmes spells his first name, with an extra “s”. (How pretentious!)

Ah BJ, my sweet! As I always say, your generosity and graciousness, knows no bounds! Thank you so much, for posting the original, hot photo of Jason Branch (great name!).

Isn’t he great? Even when he scowls, grimaces, or smirks, he still looks sexy! I could gush on forever – Porn Divo! I was so disappointed that the link broke. But here you come, to the rescue!

I’m glad to see, that you also appreciate Scott Russell! All the seven “blond bruisers”, or “brusque blonds” I listed, have nice, big dicks – fabulous!

I knew I was going to omit a few. I also like Tom Wolfe (these names!).

From his picture, I didn’t really like him at first glance. He seemed too sinister. But he grew on me, as I watched him perform.

He reminds me of legit, mainstream actor, Tom Sizemore. Yes, that’s his real name! Legit Tom is not to be confused with porn star, Matt “Sizemore”. This name-dropping can be exhausting! : )

You’ll like this! I should have also added Josh Kincaid! Oy vey, I’m so gay!

He’s ruggedly handsome, but not “pretty”. So yes, I DO think he qualifies!

It’s probably not fair to compare him to Jack Wrangler. Kincaid definitely isn’t a “Porn Divo”. Neither his voice nor personality was particularly, distinctive. He only made one talkie. But as a sex object and performer, he was superb!

Bruno singled him out, as his favorite screen partner. That’s quite a compliment, considering his other, hot co-stars!

Parisian, sacre bleu! Let’s agree, to disagree, mon ami! : )

Phillips Holmes, during the early talkies was actually, pretty popular. One of his most famous roles was that of Clyde Griffiths, the main protagonist of the film, “An American Tragedy (1931)”.

This was an adaption of the famous 1925 novel, by Theodore Dreiser. The author sued Paramount Pictures to suppress the film, but lost.

All three stars were lovely. Frances Dee played the rich girl, Sondra, who Clyde woos. Sylvia Sidney played Roberta, the poor girl who Clyde impregnates, and then contemplates murder.

The same novel was then loosely adapted for the famous film, “A Place in the Sun (1951)”.

The characters’ names were changed, and the time period was updated. Montgomery Clift was the now the main protagonist, with Elizabeth Taylor playing the rich girl, while Shelley Winters plays the poor, factory girl.

I just recently learned that Phillips Holmes, screen tested for the role of Ashley Wilkes. The role ultimately played by Leslie Howard, in “Gone with the Wind (1939)”.



Jack Wrangler could indeed be, self – parodying, or self – deprecating. That’s part of his charm.

But I would be hard pressed to describe him as “campy”.

It’s not like he carried on like Paul Lynde, Liberace, Rex Reed, Truman Capote, Rip Taylor, Peter Allen, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Simmons, Mr. Blackwell, Harvey Fierstein, or Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes!
: /

I don’t even think his persona was campy in the clipped styled, “gentleman-bitch” type of actors; like George Sanders, Clifton Webb, Basil Rathbone, Charles Gray, Noel Coward, Rene Auberjonois, Christopher Hewett, or Vincent Price. : I

He had what one would describe as a “vivid” personality. He possessed the kind of persona and voice; that was theatrical or “on”. Some might call it “hammy”.

Such actors like Kirk Douglas, Gene Kelly, Anthony Quinn, Mickey Rooney, James Cagney, Jack Nicholson, Jack Lemmon, Richard Dreyfuss, also exuded a lot of energy and style.

So, I wouldn’t say they’re inauthentic. It’s part of who they are.

Wrangler wasn’t “butch”; we’re not talking Charles Bronson, Sam Elliott, William Smith (Biker), or Lee Marvin. But I thought he was manly.

I thought he was perfectly convincing as the trucker boss, in “Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)”.

I don’t think he would have been successful as a “straight-for-pay” porn star, if his personality was “fey”.

If you watched Jack Wrangler’s documentary, you’ll learn that he tested for “The Christine Jorgensen Story (1970)”. He was rejected because even in drag, he looked too masculine.

I also wouldn’t describe Wrangler as being “pretty”, not with that schnoz! I actually think that his snout, gave him canine warmth! Woof! But I agree with you, he was cute!

It’s possible to be rugged, masculine, sweet, and cute, without being the least bit pretty. For example, porn star Mickey Squires was as cute and charming as a teddy bear – adorable!

Of the mainly television actors that you mentioned, I only detect a similarity with Edd Byrnes and David Nelson, in Wrangler’s persona. They were all endearing.

I’ve always liked David Nelson. He had the slight, quirky/goofy attractiveness, which actors like Tom Hanks, Scott Bakula, John Krasinski, Steve Carell, Robert Hays, Robin Williams, Ryan Reynolds, Bill Murray, Paul Rudd, Ken Berry, Dean Jones, Dick Van Dyke, and Tom Everett Scott, all possessed.

They were all naturals for comedy, but still managed to have sex appeal!

It’s amazing how Dave Nelson in his later years, came to resemble his father Ozzie, to a T!

Now his brother Ricky was a dreamboat! I wouldn’t think of comparing him to Jack.

I love comparing porn stars to mainstream actors! It’s so much fun!

Now, I’m not saying that the resemblance or comparison has to be, “spitting image.” It can be in their bearing, mannerisms, voice, as well as their physical traits.



So we differ in that I’m always seeing analogies, between mainstream and porn. For example, porn director Joe Gage, like you and I, is also a film buff! : )

On his blog, he said while watching the horror film, “The Leopard Man (1943)”; that actor Dennis O’Keefe, reminded him of Jack Wrangler, especially in his enthusiastic line readings.,THE_LM-27_1633x1273_081120061551.JPG

I love that! : )

I also love comparing porn stars to each other! Do you remember 80’s porn star Steve Craig? He also reminds me of Wrangler, especially in the eyes. He died 9-13-1990 from A.I.D.S.

He was exactly my age! : 0

Both Craig and Wrangler were handsome. But they were not “ethereally” or “romantically” handsome. Now that description would apply to another blond, Landon Conrad. I love being gratuitous!

I can’t resist being self-indulgent with other examples! One of the “brusque blonds” I listed above, Parker Williams, reminds me so much of actor Craig Wasson – uncanny!

Fred Halsted in looks and manner, reminds me so much of Philip Carey! They could pass as relatives!

Cain Marko is almost a dead ringer for actor Ron Perlman!

I thought that Richard Locke had some of the same, laid back, benign masculinity of Kris Kristofferrson. Joe Gage thought so too!

Morgan Black reminds me of Bradley Cooper! Others have pointed that out also!

Bear with me a moment; but I thought that Chris Steele in interviews, had the same voice and mannerisms, of actor Anthony Perkins! Call me crazy!

One of my least favorite porn stars, Peter Berlin; from certain angles, looks uncannily like Owen Wilson!

I could go on and on…



Okay, I need to wrap this up! Let me make two more examples! I’m certain to make more in the future!

This “Old Reliable” photo below was featured in the June 1985 issue of “Inches Magazine”.

I love big schlongs as much as the next queer; but with me, it has to start with the face. That’s why I don’t claim to be a “size-queen”.

I think that Mike Adams had to be one of the ugliest men; to ever become popular in porn – the epitome of white trash! : /

Yet he still had a following! He had a half brother (so he claims); that was also horse-hung, named Wolf! They share the same mother, as well as bad teeth! Sheesh!

(“Thanks Mom, for endowing me with a huge pecker!”)

Wolf Adams is the skanky, blond guy on the right. Tell me that he doesn’t look like actor Ryan Gosling!

Okay, that’s enough with the blonds.

I can’t resist certain male celebrities; who have black hair with blue or green eyes – so exotic and mysterious! A lot of blonds look angelic; these brunets look devilish – satanic beauties!

I’m talking about guys like Rory Calhoun, Tony Curtis, David Gandy, Ian McShane, Oliver Reed, Clive Owen, Henry Cavill, Evan Marriott, Alain Delon, Gary Raymond, etc.

I think that Tex Murdock was one of the most gorgeous men, to ever appear in porn – black stallion!

This picture below is my favorite glamour shot of his, and it isn’t even all that explicit! It makes me swoon – the wind blowing through his dark hair! : 0

I’m not the only one who’s made the observation; how much he looks like a muscular, more rugged, Timothy Dalton!

Other than Hugh O’Brian in “Love Has Many Faces (1965)”, who else can get away with wearing yellow, bathing trunks? : P

This was so much fun! So many great posts! So little time!

So don’t worry BJ! We both love Jack Wrangler! I’ll always have his back!

; )

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