"vintage" porn stars


who you may remember from such films as

  • Loft To Let (1977) – Falcon film #629
  • Ramcharger 3 (1978)
  • Cruisin’ the Castro (1981)

not a lot of films, I think i got the dates correct, but Falcon/Jocks video collections usually have previously released short films thrown together (I am pretty sure Cruisin’ The Castro was shot late 70’s, but not released til 1981, (from info on Richard Locke’s career)for example). The stills with him and Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue) are amazing; but the stuff with Bill Adams and Michael are pretty hot, too! But as usual with most posts, it leads to me adding another “draft” post – this time a closer look at Cruisin’ The Castro – as I thought I had posted about it, but alas, no. Interestin, it takes place in Holtz’ loft, but it is not the same as the Falcon Film that also takes place in a loft – Holtz wearing a cowboy hat comes to mind…..

who you may remember from such magazines as

  • Collect Call – with Ed Wiley
  • Falcon File #5 – Loft To Let
  • New Man – with Ed Wiley

more HOLTZ on BJland

3 replies on “HOLTZ”

Do you know the identity of Holtz’s scene partner in Cruisin’ the Castro? The younger cowboy with the brown hair. Gevi doesn’t have a scene breakdown listed for the film page, the best I could do was a process of elimination to say that it’s definitely not Richard Locke, Will Seagers, Johnny Harden or Dick Fisk (nor Don Talon, at least I think) which leaves Mark Majors, Rick Zane or Tony Natali, or possibly Tom Manley who gevi says was identified by his face. Couldn’t find the answer anywhere else either.

Also to (not) answer one of those nagging, longtime questions concerning the country song heard in Holtz’s scene in Castro … I did a clip for the film and posted it to youtube, almost hoping it would give me another copyright claim because at least then I would know what the song was called, or who sang it. Alas, no restrictions :/ which means that the song is unknown to their automatic music detection AI. And still unknown to me, you and anybody else who may have wondered about it over the almost 40 years now since the videotape came out. You had a post from 2011 I think (?) called “Name That Tune” where you asked if anybody knew anything about it. I mean it’s obviously a real song, we can hear it in the film (and on my clip, where I chopped out some of the instrumental between the two verses) but the mystery is still intact. I did the best I could enhancing the audio but it still has a few skips I couldn’t eliminate.

I think you’re right, thank you. For some reason the pic on his gevi page didn’t look like a match to me with the scene, but the one above I see more of a resemblance.

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