blond torrid zone

I think I may be able to figure out what movie this comes from, but thought I’d throw it out to readers fro some guesses. Additional hint (full cover pic) in the comments. Magazine called Torrid Zone.

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A few of the guys look somewhat familiar to me, the only one I feel pretty sure about is of the five pics along the bottom, lower right corner looks like David Ashfield.

bing bing bing! but that new cover is awful – not just cuz the photo is awful, but this guy IS NOT in the film!! why do that???!!

ooooops! perhaps I am wrong – look at the cover art from mid 1980’s box – can’t identify him, but???

very cool! Yes, Greg Girard – awesome scene with Nick Rogers and a 3rd guy in Rangers
and I think Something Wild….. your blog – it’s great – amazing resource!

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