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Sometimes I feel like a cowboy on a lonesome desert drive

Cruisin’ The Castro
directed by: Michael R. Newman (1981)
Starring: Dick Fisk, Don Talon, Holtz, Johnny Harden, Mark Majors, Richard Locke, Rick Zane, Tony Natali, Will Seager
y’all know by now that i am horrible – HORRIBLE – about answering my emails. But this one got me to work, cuz it’s a hobby of mine, figuring out the source of music in porno films. A reader writes (or is that a writer writing?): “I was wondering if you had any info on the song / singer / title of the music in scene 2 of Cruising the Castro, the scene with the hot truck driving blond stud that picks up and royally fucks the the hot 20 something after showing him around a home he is renovating. It’s an all time favorite scene and the song haunts me.” And after 5 or 6 watches/listens, and a bunch of googling, I’m just stumped – and now it’s haunting me, too!

Anyone know who does the tune (it starts about 3+ minutes into this 10-minute clip)?

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thanks big time, BJ. the song sticks with me. sorry to put an ear bug in your head, but you are the expert on porn and thought you might know.

Damn, i love that song.

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