"vintage" porn stars

speaking of Nick Rogers….

oh wait, that post about Rocco Rizzoli is still in the drafts folder…. anyway, I stumbled upon this photo in a magazine featuring photography by Bruce King – had no idea he had photo’d Nick!

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more Bruce King on BJland (oops, “We found 1 (now 2) result for your search.” – I’ll need to look into that!)

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films

Gregg Donovan

appeared in only one film – NOVA’s The Jock (1979), which was part of the Fistsfull collection. He did manage to make it into many, many magazines (More Cover Guys, Jocks Shots, Gym Nasties #2, Jock Strap Hard On) and while I thought it was all from the same photo session as the film – baseball cap, lockerroom, jockstrap, and of course, THAT fistfull! – the promo for the collection has him floating in a pool – with, of course, THAT fistfull!

"vintage" porn stars

Loren Marks

who you may remember from such films as

  • Three is a Dream – in the collection Every Which Way(1983/4?)
  • Alley Cats – in the collection Every Which Way (1983/4?)
  • Heads Up – – in the collection Triple Treat (1983)
    and these publications:

  • Colt Men 13 (1984)
  • COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather

barber shop with Doug Weston, funky alley sex with Beau Matthews, and a 3-way with J W King and Todd Baron – not bad for only 3 films!

"vintage" porn stars vintage gay t-shirts


I wanted a good pic of the ZEUS t-shirt; so far, the best I can find… but not the best of Ryder Knight’s cock – checkout below, with some help from Jeff Scott

Bo Richards


blond stache

more stache

"vintage" porn stars

Leo Hooks

OK, I admit it – while the muscles weren’t enough to grab my attention (well, maybe those thighs!), once I started digging, and saw these pics of Mr. Hooks in Mandate’s October 1981 issue – damn! that face! I have yet to find good, high quality (hi-res) photos of Merek Flint… but I’ll be working on it. Future (far in the future) post: Zeus models who had had other names – like Ryder Knight = (NOVA’s) Bo Richards; Joe Paducah = (Colt’s) Pat Webb; Ray Medina = (Colt’s) Julio Campas….. I know there are more….

more ZEUS on BJland

note to self: check on In Touch #62; there may be a decent pic there.

"vintage" porn stars

Tom decides Barry needs a little help

from the Target Studios magazine Javelin 2, and also the film, Dune Fox (1975), co-starring Tom Fox