"vintage" porn stars Paul Barresi

it’s for you

someone asked about Barresi – AKA Derek (this is from a magazine called Derek)

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love the pictures you scan, but you might want to see if there is magazine setting on your scanner options that will reduce the grainy effects.

i hear ya – but I can’t figure it out – I scan in large format, but when i reduce, it sometimes has that effect – sometimes much worse (and I won’t utilize)!
update: need to correct myself – this particular photo was downloaded from an eBay auction (like many of my pics) and came this way –

Baressi fascinates me. Everything I read about him just seems to point to the fact that his ego needs to be fed. And the fact is that when he was at the height of his sexual prowess, he had good reason to be egotistical. But later on his claims, his behaviour just seemed to get more and more bizarre. Though damn, I always wished that he had done more gay scenes, even though it’s clear that for him, gay sex is just business, nothing more.

I knew Barresi in LA in the early 80’s, and worked out together occasionally with him in a small gym in West Hollywood near “Basic Plumbing”. His personality reminded me a lot of John Traynor, and connections to the military he spoke of. Actually a very nice guy. Looks in person exactly as he does in photography.

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