Paul Barresi

oh, Paul

I know, I know, I know….. not the best set of pics – which is too bad – leather and Paul Barresi should go together like…. um, leather and Paul Barresi –

“Honestly, BJ! How many of these silly photos of Paul, do you have?”

I’ve gathered what I can of Paul in leather, and well, he rarely goes very deep – cap (Colt’s Gallery 13, below), jacket (posing with Target’s BRAND), a vest ( Lusty) cap/vest (COLT 1976 calendar) – except in Falconhead II (which, well, birdhead may have had something to do with the plot – but don’t ask me what that was – but didn’t do a lot for me erotically), and then a pic I found via HIM International, which they credit as begin from Drummer. THAT’s the ticket – final pic below – chaps, gloves, cap, vest – The search continues for more!

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Don’t worry, BJ. I’m obsessed with Paul Baressi also.

In full leather, (that last pic!) SO HOT. Actually all of these are hot, even the ones I’ve already seen.

Terrific post. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Baressi! Although recently in a photo-sharing Google Group I belong to there was a somewhat tiresome discussion of the Natl Enquirer article and the whole thing with John Travolta (from long ago). I mean, I guess I just don’t care about who he fucked or didn’t fuck IRL. I just like looking at him!

yes! the last pic I think is the best – I almost edited my original choices to have it first, but the “no good pics in leather” theme wouldn’t work – those top pics from a leather catalogue, or fashion mag – sheesh!

Yeah, some are a little goofy, but that side fur on his belly in the 4th pic? Sluuuurp.

Why do I always want to lick hair? Then once I do it I’m like, “well now there’s hair in my mouth eww.” Then I do it again.

love the photo set with Paul and Tony Romano; hot and sweet with Paul embracing Tony and Tony tasting Paul’s cock. wish they would have shown more since Tony seemed to be the bottom in most of his work

I think a lot of Paul’s “couple” work was “simulated” – no actual penetration, just open mouths and nearby butts

Whoa, BJ! Leave it you, to present a post, which I can’t resist commenting on!

This is endlessly fascinating, on so many levels! And not just because, there’s a reference to moi!

I sometimes think I can write a book, on “Mr.” Barresi’s legacy and appeal! I know this won’t be the last time! Every time you present him, the comment section gets crowded instantly. You previously disputed, if whether a porn performer or model; can genuinely be considered a “star”.

I point to him, as an unqualified “YES!” Now, I agree he wasn’t what I would term a “Porn Divo”. But his following and recognition can’t be denied. How many others remain anonymous?

Female impressionist, Charles Pierce; said he got into his show-biz specialty, to become a “star”. Which he then acknowledged was fitting; since literally a “star”, is just a big ball of gas! LOL!

You know my ego, BJ! I love being mentioned or referred to. In this regard, I’m as shameless as, well…Paul Barresi! LOL!

“… leather and Paul Barresi should go together like…um, leather and Paul Barresi-“

I totally agree! But I wonder if you, like me, share a love/hate dynamic with Paul. You present him at both his leather best, and at his leather worst!

Oy, BJ – the first four pictures! As I’ve said before, these are pathetic! Even Paul himself, agrees with me! (Is it really him? Can you verify?) : 0

#4 – I think this picture is downright sadistic! That dog collar that looks like a diamond, choker necklace! I think you just forfeited your chance, for Barresi to ever reply to you again! LOL!

I’m not into S & M, but no one else took better leather pictures, than Jim French – WICKED! I used to own quite a number of his leather calendars. They have a genuine, sinister beauty, grandeur and mysteriousness – awesome!

The two Colt pictures posted here; show Barresi at his decadent best – eerie!

On Atkol Forums, Paul tried to claim that he was the first cover model, for Mandate – posted here from November 1975. Most everyone knows; it was Bill Cable, for the April 1975 issue – beautiful!

I do acknowledge though; that the Target Studio leather photos, were also powerful! Evidently, Lou Thomas aka Jon Target, was actually into S & M.

I have to disagree somewhat, with your assessment of the last photo from HIM International. Yes, I agree in a large way, it’s very flattering. But I still think it’s over-done, or over- the-top.

I think you have to be careful with leather photos. The trick is to be theatrical, but not gaudy or garish – macho drag. Sometimes, leather queens go too far – S & M Vegas style!

Jim French knew the value of restraint – less is more. He seldom packed his images, with too many props or artifice. He didn’t over-stylize.

I think this picture would have been more effective, without the gloves. I would also show, less rope ties, binding the chaps.

Less is more – I wish the publicity “Falconhead II” color photo; of him descending the stairs, was also modified. I really think it could have been more stunning and mysterious!

Get rid of the silly mask/helmet – bird brain! He actually has grandeur here! Just show the leather straps, boots, and cape! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him, in such great, physical shape – those legs, thighs, and hips!

Your posts are like a party! That’s why I never attend, empty handed. I come bearing gifts.

I’ve been waiting to share this color, Colt photo of Paul, sitting on a motorcycle!

It’s a variation of his Mandate cover – fabulous! Less is more – all he’s wearing is a jacket, cap, and maybe, boots! I love the sun-freckles on his back! Jim French knew when to “cool it”, for a hot photo – masterful!

Glad you’re remembering, BJ!

B-A-R-R-E-S-I, two “R’s”, one “S”! Don’t forget also, Johnny-My Pet-Llama!

Thanks for the shout-out, BJ, my sweet!

; )

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