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don’t gross out – I just happen to think ridiculously preppy Jeff Converse is kinda hot – especially in that scene in Spring Training with now-politician Joe Savage

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ooh, Jeff Quinn – not the best actor – he’s super wooden in Bigger Than Life (but getting fucked by Stryker against the alley wall with the fake wall moving – priceless ) – but enjoyable in Big Guns with sweetie John Rocklin

Yes, he for sure did it for me! Maybe not the best actor, but he was very eager in Big Guns.

But do you remember how he tried to get that sweetie John Rocklin to recip on the BJ and he wouldn’t do it?! My mouth fell on the floor. Oh no, he didn’t! And nobody said that back then. I mean, who would turn away Jeff Quinn dick? But then he turned right around and took Jeff Quinn dick at the other end and took it pretty well, so I had to forgive. I just can’t believe they didn’t edit that out. Still a really hot scene.

i actually liked that – the refusal – seemed genuine, and getting fucked is passive – who wants to see a bad cocksucker??

So what is considered “ridiculously preppy”? I’m not even sure what most people here think “bears” are. I thought they were heavyset, or even very fat (like the drawing just below), and lots of hair. Then I look it up and lots of bears could qualify as ‘muscular’ (like Tony Nero, who seems mainly muscular), it seems to me, and that that’s more old-fashioned to think. If they’re very lean but have lots of hair, they’re still sometimes called “bears”, aren’t they? Tony Gallo looks slim, but I wouldn’t have thought of him as “bear” without being told.

So is it just having lots of chest and other (including back) hair? The drawing by Bill Ward looks less a bear than a pig–that’s to “gross out for”. If Obsessed thinks Tom Chase looks “fat homeless”, etc., he’s certainly not a pig, though. I know lots like fat people (hetero as well as homo), of course. I guess “bear” must be the favoured type of most who write here (that’s fine, I’m just asking, since I never have seen myself as a “bear person”.)

HA! – just that hair! reminds me of the preppy boys in my college in the South in the early 80’s – as for bears – oh gosh – A “bear” is a hairy, bearded, brawny-to-bulky gay man, usually displaying aspects of traditional masculinity. – and so much more – Barbie Bears, A-List Bears, Muscle Bears… as for the drawing, Piggy Bear, perhaps. And while I wouldn’t dig too deep for meaning in a pic – it does it for you or not, in reality, if I were the kneeler, I’d gently push his upper body back so I can gain better access…

Parisian, you’re not alone here. I don’t just like bears. I like all types! I can find something to love about almost any man.

Yes, it does tend to be mostly about body hair. And the classic bear should have some meat on his bones. But don’t think about it too much. Bears come in all forms and there are just as many words to describe them.

So what is considered “ridiculously preppy”?

It was one of those hard-to-define style trends. I think the preppy craze in the 80s came from the term “prep school.” For me at my high school, it meant Izod or Ralph Lauren polo shirts (worn with the collar raised) and OP corduroy shorts, also penny loafers without socks.

I think it’s a combination of “sporty” and “waspy,” as in white Anglo-Saxon Protestant. I can say that because I am that. There was even a book:

Followed quickly by The I-Hate-Preppies Handbook.

Yeah, I think Jeff Converse qualified as ridiculously preppy. Today, you might also say sporty and clean-cut. I think the question was originally meant to be rhetorical, but does that help?

I’m just so excited that BJ is back I can’t stop commenting! Maybe I need to get a life?

Jeff Converse, Tony Bravo and Giorgio Canali were the ‘and the rest’ in the orgy scene in Aspen 2, all the focus was on Kurt Marshall and Scott O’Hara and the other guys all kind of got lost in the background. Aside from his scene in Powertool I think I liked him best in the other spring movie he did, Spring Break in the 3way with David Ashfield and Chris Thompson.

I know you don’t think much of Stryker but did you have to decapitate him? Sheesh ;)

“did you have to decapitate him?” – ummmmm, YES! the important person in this photo is the cocksucker –

I don’t have anything against Mr. Stryker, (in fact I used to have his realistic dildo- don’t tell anyone!) but I agree. Mostly, that is. When sucking cock, I think the dick is the most important “person.” Who cares who it belongs to!

I happen to like how this was cropped, because I like mystery dick. And maybe because I prefer to be the active participant in a blow job. Also, you can easily crop out the blowee, but you can’t as easily crop out the blower. It just doesn’t work as well. And it’s not that the blowee doesn’t deserve to be featured. I also like to see a guy’s face when he’s getting blown. Beauty is in the eye of the blowee/blower, ha ha. I think I’m coming unravelled here. Help!

Jeff Converse had a sprinkling of freckles across his back and shoulders- so beautiful! Just one of the many reasons to admire this man. That’s all.

*SIGH* No one ever said life was fair! You relegate the wondrous Jeff Converse, to the back of the bus, but who can fault you? Who can deny that Jeff Stryker is more famous? : (

For the record, Stryker was among my least favorite porn stars – not the least bit sensual! He was as plastic as his dildo! I won’t say I hate the guy – one shouldn’t take all-male porn that seriously. So I’ll just say that my body experiences an adverse reaction; whenever I see his image, or read his name. : /

You can’t find a better example that epitomized; the negative aspects of a “gay-for-pay” performer – never reciprocated. Tired old shtick – “You like that cock, don’t cha?!” : I

Both “Powertool (1986)” and “Powertool 2 (1991)”, suffer from the same lack of star wattage! To be sure, there are hot moments in both films; but they don’t involve the lead performer – more like “Power Failure”!

I truly feel for Jeff Converse –poor guy! Imagine having to service a couple of stiffs (I’m not talking about dicks); in basically the same dull scene, in both films! What bad luck! : (

I can’t work up the energy to dislike Lex Baldwin. What’s there to react to? Like Stryker, he was also a “dud stud”! Visually stunning in stills, he was hopeless as a performer – a total lummox!

Of course, this was before his horrendous plastic surgery:

Whew! – Glad that’s out of the way! : )

Ah, I know this is late, but I would be remiss; if I didn’t converse about THIS, joyful Jeff! ; )

What a cutie! See Parisian, another stud-muffin! : P

Yes, he was “ridiculously preppy”, but that’s part of his charm! Besides, in this age, when so many models are tattooed, pierced, or have weird hairstyles; you really come to appreciate, a hottie that looks clean-cut and sane! He was always posing in sweaters and polo shirts! : )

He was very distinct! I love his mop of hair, fleshy face, dimples, and small mouth! I think that brown hair and eyes, have always been underrated! : )

And goodness, what a body! He was a gymnast, and it shows – healthy! : 0



(I hope these links work!)

Marvelous muscle booty! I love teasing butt-shots like this; where the model coyly looks over his shoulder – so naughty, charming, and inviting! JohnnyLlama already mentioned his freckles! : P

“You’re a bad, bad, boy! Go to my room!” : )

In “The Other Side of Aspen 2 (1985)” he’s pretty much wasted. He’s only featured in the ending orgy scene! : (

But even that is disappointing! It starts out intriguing with Giorgio Canali licking his arm pit, but no follow through. How I wish they would have had a duo scene together! : (

I love how zephyr put it, “and the rest”. Indeed, it might as well have been an early b & w episode of “Gilligan’s Island” – great music reference! But at least the entire cast looks so cute, in their winter coats, sweaters, jeans, and snow gear; and of course, out of them! : P

He had better luck with “Giants (1987)” – enjoyable enough! Once again, he’s featured in an ending orgy scene with his fellow stud-muffins – read the cast list! He got to fuck Eric Manchester!

Unlike the word “power” or “tool”, in the title; the word “spring”, brought him good luck! : )

Yet another group scene; “Spring Break (1986)” was also enjoyable enough – but not great!

Once again, stud-muffins galore; Chris Thompson definitely qualifies! As for David Ashfield, I admit he had a beautiful dick; but I thought he just looked goofy! : /



Now in “Spring Training (1985)”, is where he really shines! Easily his best film – a classic! : 0

Yes, the complaints against Falcon are totally valid! They were far too formulaic, glossy and slick. : I

But within the confines of their limited repertoire, they often struck gold, as they successfully did here! : )

I personally think this is as about as perfect a porn loop, as one could hope for and enjoy! : P

Ah, what’s not to love? It unfolds quite naturally, and then builds up heat – beautifully photographed! : 0

Both of the stars and the scenery are gorgeous! They’re both obviously into each other – great chemistry! : )

It’s too bad that New Mexico House Representative, Roger Montoya, now regrets his porn past. It could be that he actually won votes, because of it! LOL!

In his garage scene with blond hottie, Scott Avery in “Popular Mechanics (1985)”; he used the name Eric Martinez – mocha and vanilla! : )

Here, listed as “Joe Savage” at 24 years of age, he was quite a Latin hottie – great cheekbones! : )

Like his fellow stud-muffin, Jeff Converse, he also was a gymnast, as well as a dancer – very graceful and limber! Both of them are wonderfully versatile – great flip-flop! : P



Ah, once more with feeling! This scene ends beautifully – just adorable! *SWOON* : )

Jeff Converse’s last film was “Saddle Tramps 2 (1995)”, where he fucks Jim Hardy. He still was somewhat hot, in spite of looking rather worn and chubby. : I : /

Oh well, that’s what memories are for! : )

I also want to celebrate some “other” JEFFS, to get the image of Jeff Stryker, out of my head! : /

Of course, Jeff Cameron was number one! And Jeff Quinn has already been mentioned. : )

In alphabetical order, here are some others who deserve mentioning; at least they do in MY opinion! : )

Jeff Allen doesn’t qualify as either a hottie or a stud-muffin, but with all that fur; he definitely was a beast! I prefer him clean shaven, and with NO piercings – studly!

Fair skinned, Jeff Austin was quite a cute, little hottie – bodacious booty!

Does anyone remember Jeff Boote from “Big Guns (1987)”? He was a little on the beefy side, but I still considered him, a hot little stud-muffin! Better to be juicy, rather than scrawny! : P

He had an accent. Maybe he was English or Australian. : )



Here’s two other delicious, hot Boote shots – sorry, I can’t resist! : P

Jeff Hammond was also pretty cute, when he had the right hair style. : )

I thought that muscular, Jeff Mitchell, was so underrated – a hot, mature stud! He also had acting ability! I prefer him clean shaven. I can’t find any flattering photos, so here is his GEVI profile – Daddy!

Italian Jeff Pirelli was cute and sensual, in “Sizing Up: Before Your Very Eyes (1984)”

Falcon’s original classic, “The Other Side of Aspen” came out in 1978. The sequel came out in 1985. That’s only a period of seven years.

It’s remarkable, how much Jeff Turk aged; in that short span of time! But no matter; fresh or worn, he still looked hot! : )

Remember, choosy Mothers (as in MoFo’s), choose Jeff! And we’re not talking peanut butter!

; )

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