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Take All Eight

short film – Mark and Doug (AKA Take All Eight) – found in the BODY HEAT series – images from the Pantheon magazines PROD #4, and DYNAMITE DICKS

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Ron and… and… and???

for weeks I have been seeing this handsome pair all over interspaceweb, and of course Ron Cameron (who I must’ve mentioned here before – perhaps once or twice) I figured out right away – – but the other guy – the other guy – who the f is he? Don’t think he’s been in any porno films, but photographer Michael Hoare paired these two hotties, and the pics of this duo appear in IN TOUCH 49, ZIPPER #18, HONCHO February 1980, and gosh knows where else. I give up, maybe one of y’all know who this guy is!

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tire, why not

ya know, to make him butch

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impulse #6

“Don’s been helping Carl work on his truck but can’t resist the bulge in Carl’s overalls. Car and Don suck and rim each other in the truck’s cab and over the door before moving to the back where Carl fucks the shit out of Don.”

wait; what? over the door?

Impulse #6 – Garage (1981)

pics from the 1980 Pantheon magazine, REV #2, photographed by ADAM CADMAN

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Jean Paul

I know I’ve posted a photo before, because of the socks, long before I knew who he was. Jean Paul, from Marseilles – from the first issue of Magazine (1978, issue #1), featuring the photography of Minotaur Studio.

there’s something very very sexy about his focus on his own cock; then….. eventually…. he looks at us. And as much as the socks, and the hard-on are super super sexy, this last pic, more relaxed, is my fave from the bunch

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Donnie on Fire Island

This Donnie Russo interview has been sitting in my drafts folder for I don’t know how long. Say what you will about him over the years, too much this, not enough that, BUT – I bet he’d be awesome to just hang out and talk….

“And to look back, and to think that my name would become world recognizable; that blows my mind. And the second thing that blows my mind, I’d really like to know how much cum has been dropped about me. Gallons wouldn’t even begin.”

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