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Lockner n Squires

Hard to understand why these men hadn’t made a film together – Lockner made just the 4 below, the first 3 for COLT, of course. In fact, Lockner’s scene in Face to Face is nearly the same as what is portrayed here, from COLT MEN 5; Highway Patrolman Lockner nabs Squires and forces him into sex. The in COLT MEN 8, Lockner, Rutter, and Squires pose like Lockner, Rutter, and Mike Davis do in Moving Violation! Each man, in fact, does a film with Jack Hackner, and I’m thinking was there a scheduling conflict with one of them, or the film crew? Sigh. And within all of that, you’ve got these two awesome COLT magazines where those 2 mustaches never actually mingle – you see Mickey’s dripping with sweat ( I think that’s sweat) and Lockner’s mouth, well it just seems to open to bark orders! The tease of those 2 mustaches is almost more than I can handle. I wonder if Lockner kisses in any of his films? (Class, that’s an assignment). Meanwhile, I just had to throw in a bit of Rutter at the end there.

Lockner’s Key – with Bruno
Playing with Danger – with Jack Hackner
Moving Violation – with Mike Davis and Mark Rutter

Steve Scott’s Face to Face – with Scott Anderson

maybe just a bit more facial hair in the mix, please? That’s better!

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BJ haven’t yet discovered any films of Lockner kissing, but I did manage to find a photo of him kissing (congratulating) the winner of the 1980 Mr. Redoubt contest, Chicago! Short interview accompanies photo. Source: Milwaukee Calendar June 6, 1980 VOL. III No. 12 – See links below –


Interview page 1:

Interview page 2:

So cool! I feel like that guy probably fainted after that kiss.

So he was a cop in real life? Now things make a little more sense. That is hotter than fiction. Thanks for that!

nice work!!! I’m assuming the non-kissing in film is part of the “role” – like Joe Gage had with some of his films – it’s not gay if you don’t kiss, just a buddies helping each other out – anyway… thanks for the pic/links!

Lockner and Squires is a dangerous combo.

Look at Mickey Squires nuts hanging out over his asshole in pic 5. I know these are from Colt Men No7, but in my imagination there’s a film loop that goes with this. There isn’t though, is there?

I feel like Clint Lockner appeared in a cop uniform or played a cop more than any other uniform/role. Mickey Squires is just droolworthy. Then add bearded Mark Rutter and I’m over the edge. Why isn’t there a film to go along with this?!

I don’t think Lockner ever appeared on film NOT in his cop uniform – and I remember reading, but don’t know where, that it was his actual uniform – maybe just identifying info taken off…. ask code3stud about that (don’t know the reference??? catch up! or I could just provide a link or two…)

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