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was gonna be a placeholder, but thought I’d take advantage of one of my pornopetpeeves – box cover art that doesn’t come from the pornovideo. Worse, or #1 pornopetpeeve is videos that are missing scenes from original version (I’m looking at you, HIS Video!). I am sure I have others – what are yours?

and then, you still want to know where you CAN find the guy on the box cover!

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When they fuck up the original musical score! I know sometimes it’s done for copyright reasons that exist now when they used to be able to use whatever music they wanted, but I find that irritating. Also switching scenes around and substituting original music like Chi Chi did to countless Higgins movies once Catalina started releasing remastered versions. I want to see (and hear) the original full versions of these films, not edited down and butchered footage.

Misleading box covers absolutely. Bad lighting,editing and frenetic camera work drives me crazy. More then a few early films are guilty of that!

I’m gonna’ go with ALL of the above, but I’ll add:

When the porno cuts back and forth between two fuck scenes. Just give it to us one at a time please.

Also, BJ already said this, but someone needs to devote a website to identifying the mystery models who appear on the box cover, but are not in the film.

Ooh, also TYPOS. The world of gay porn (and straight porn I’m sure) is full of typos! Drives me crazy!

And despite all this, I still love gay porn. Yay, gay porn!

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