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BG Enterprise presents: FANTASY FIGHTS 1

Jake Andrews and Scott Randsome – (1995) – takes me back to when I was selling tons of porn on eBay, and if I didn’t have good images, I’d record one or 2 minute clips, nab some stills, and post them with the auction. Say what you will about Scott Randsome, (that scene in The Olympians with “coach” Phil Bradley! or the disappointing scene in SUNSEX BLVD – solo – yawn) that slab of meat between those strong thighs is quite nice! Jake had a nice bod, too.

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Not really into muscles, are ya? Yeah, right. Wink-wink; nudge-nudge! ; )

Sexual desire is complicated. The little head tends to win out the big head. LOL!

I admit there are certain porn stars that I can enjoy viscerally, though I can’t say I appreciate their attitude or personality. Their physical attributes override their short comings; to the point, that I can tolerate them.

They may be porn stars, but they will never in my eyes, be Porn Divos. : )

To earn my title, one MUST at least, kiss and suck! One doesn’t necessarily have to bottom or rim, but kissing and sucking, is PARAMOUNT! Intellectually, I’m not a great fan of trade, or gay-for-pay performers. Yet at the same time, I’ve enjoyed more than a number, which I care to admit. : (

Scott Randsome definitely falls into this qualified category. : /

Yes, he has a great, though short, body, and a nice dick. It’s interesting though; I can’t really describe Randsome, as being handsome. He has a pinched, pugnacious face with no neck. He reminds me a lot of one of the Bowery Boys – punk! He has some of the same arrogance, which made me dislike Jeff Stryker. : /

My favorite scene of his has to be “Total Corruption 2 (1995)” where he fucks the enormous ass of that beefy bruiser, Karl Bruno. His scene in “Riptide (1996)” with Chad Connors and Gianfranco was also hot!

I just read his GEVI profile. It’s obvious he’s really into dominance. His wrestling videos far outnumber his regular gay porn ones. No surprise that he always wins the matches.

Anyway, I’m glad you brought up BG Enterprise Wrestling Videos. I also like Naked Kombat. : )

No surprise that like a lot of queers, I like wrestling and boxing. I used to watch quite a lot WWF, WCW “professional” wrestling, back in the day. My favorites were Psycho Sid aka Sid Vicious, and Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.

Of course, this was when they looked hot and awesome. Now, I just don’t have the time to keep up with the wrestlers of today.

As I always say, what a porn guy looks like is what’s most important to me. It’s quite a bonus, if they look butch enough, to resemble a comic strip hero – mythic and heroic!

My favorite erotic wrestling video is easily “Fantasy Fight 11 (1997)”. Both combatants actually wrestled professionally, for a time being. They both also look like cartoon heroes! I’m quite a fan of both of them!

Brad Michaels has a huge, hard, square jaw. He looks like Superman!

At his best, Chance Caldwell looks like a Viking – straight out of a Wagner opera! Physically, he would have made a great “Thor”!

I thought that Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, didn’t look Nordic enough. Someone who looks like Rutger Hauer, John Wyman, Hardy Kruger, Helmut Griem, or a blond Ron Ely, would have been more appropriate.

These types of videos don’t tend to be well photographed. But “Fantasy Fight 11 (1997)” is still hot, because of the two stars. I look at it as a match between “Superman vs. Thor!”

One last thing, Jake Andrews (‘90s) WAS a genuine Porn Divo! He was always dependable, even when his scenes were not. I can’t say though, that I liked his later tattoos. : (

I resent that there’s another porn star, with the same name who started in 2010. Porn has no reverence for quality or seniority! : /

He worked for pretty much, every porn studio. His Colt scene with that Australian Mega-Beast, Cannon Lee, was scorching!

I always say, that the right partner can work miracles. I think that the only time Ken Ryker seemed comfortable on film, was in his two films with Jake Andrews – great chemistry!

In both “The Other Side of Aspen 4 (1995)” and “The Matinee Idol (1995)”, Ryker doesn’t seem so self-conscious. I give Andrews, all the credit! : )

; )

Come to think, a lot of the current porno has meetings which start off with kissing, but it’s mechanical. Doesn’t bother me, but I’m not as big on kissing as you are. Once in a while I’ve found (even in 21st c. porno), two gifted fuckers who look like they’re really making love, and I’ll keep the tab up and look at it all day. The best of these look like, even if they’re not actors, when it comes to getting matched up with a body as beautiful as their own, they do “fall in love” momentarily. I don’t see how it could not be. Mostly no, though, mostly these clips I sometimes tune into at GEVI or SmutJunkies start with this kind of perfunctory kissing, and the sex will then be usually better, but not always.

Toby and Bruno’s kiss at the end of Bruno’s World is very classy, very ‘legit-movie’.

Yesterday I said I wasn’t one of the one who is really into a lot of body hair except on the legs and in the crotch. I should say I like some hair, not usually too much, on the chest but am fine without any, and definitely some on the arms. When it’s someone peerless, I like light ass hair too, especially if there’s a fat dick up it.

These photos of Manfred Speer from the other day show him with very little hair, although I cannot find a single fault in that top picture B.J. posted. But then loved the whole package of Bruno as photographed by Travers.

I don’t usually care much for back hair, but someone recently mentioned Toby’s shoulder hair in Workout. I don’t recall ever having seen that before, although it was charming. I wonder if he shaved it off in all the earlier Colt films. Hard to imagine ‘shoulder hair implants’. They made him look like an even more exotic animal.

I think when Jeff Stryker was holding sway, there was huge shaving of legs, which I never liked–and maybe all over.

Just occurred to me that what I would really like to see is some of the “Cade Cousins” movies when they were lovers, and often wanted to “make love, not art”. That would be a place where you’re bound to see sumptuous kissing.

various web sites and pages pop up occasionally to discuss, even ATKOL forums (RIP) had a “where are they now” section – but alas, other than a few mentions on my site by readers, I wouldn’t know where to look

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