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hard rider

Occasionally I see porno paperbacks online with cover photos of pornostars – and I click click save, and here’s one. Hard Riders by Mark Scott – not sure if he’s written anything else, but it’s part of the
Surree Stud Series. I’ve bought and sold porno paperbacks (I know some call them “pulp novels, “pulp fiction” or “sleaze” – but the first two really refer to the earlier books – before the mid 60’s and books started to get more explicit – so sleaze is a better term, but that also can refer to those “r-rated” books) – anyway, yes, bought and sold on eBay (I also got a huge amount from our gay library – or rather the NYC one). I think the first breakout explicit paperback was Richard Armory’s Song of the Loon (made into a major motion picture in 1970. I sold my copy some years back (wait, I sold a copy, I am sure I’ve kept one – it’s actually a pretty good read!) Anyway, where was I? rambling about porn stars on covers of pornopaperbacks. OK.

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