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Tough Guys

Director: Mac Larsen (AKA Joe Gage) 1982
starring: Eric Ryan; with Bob Shane and Keith Anthoni (slurp to both of them!!), Roy Garrett, Tharon Davis, Jeremy Gage, Ryan Harker, Jeff Weldon, Jeff Stone (as the “leatherman”) and Members of the West St. Gang, NYC. (Tony Zohar as the janitor? crap, do I need to watch the entire film to confirm?)

So, I’m working on a videography for Eric Ryan, and needed an image of Tough Guys cover art, and had no higher quality version…. several days later… I got it. But still the post needs a lot of work, and figured why not do a clip? – I loved this film from 1982 – it was part of what made me want to move to NYC (which happened in 1983!) So Eric’s introduction to the tough side of town was fun and amusing (and he’s got such a lovely cock!) Figured why not throw in more than the promo (which I posted as part of the Jeff Stone videography with the Giorgio Moroder music) and added Eric’s scene with the rich art collector (below).

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The music from the longer scene you posted doesn’t sound like Giorgio Moroder from the preview clip, if anything it reminds me of the kind of incidental music from an episode of Charlie’s Angels or the Dukes of Hazard. Or what you’d hear on one of the early Falcon videopacs, just sounds by uncredited artists that are somewhat musical but seem to change style every few minutes, and aren’t too jarring to be in the way of the visual action. They must have just used the Giorgio song for the preview clip.

I’m reading you on WordPress. You lucky bum you got to move to NYC in 1983. I’m an artist of sorts and would you believe I still haven’t so much as visited the Big Apple? Oh thoze must have been the dayz, back in the Big 80z.

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