"vintage" porn stars Jack Deveau pornoclips

Just Blonds

“Filmed in the exciting new screening process, Supercruiserama!”

Director: Jack Deveau (1979) 72 minutes running time

Starring: Luke (from Falcon Studios), Lee Marlin (from Nova Studios), Scorpio, Hugh Allen, Damien III, Ken Carter (from Nova Studios), and Eric Ryan

“This is the very first porno I ever saw. The summer after I turned 18…..”

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The Bijou, that was a destination anytime I was in or near Chicago. The main theatre was rarely a place I stayed for too long, with most of the action taking place up the spiral staircase that led to the gloryhole maze and a smaller theatre with no seats. One of the booths up there I remember had a chain link fence instead of the typical wall with a hole connecting to the neighboring booth, others were plexiglass (like in A Night At Halsted’s) so in both cases you could see who was on the other side.

One of the best pickup lines I ever heard was upstairs there, a guy who was a few years older than I was, maybe around 30 walked up to me and said, do you like big dicks? Right to the point. I said yeah, we slipped into one of the larger, two person booths and … I’ll just say he was telling the truth :p and had on a metal cockring, I remember below his waist moreso than what his face looked like, let alone his name if I ever knew that.

Don’t you think it was allot more fun then? Now with everything being streamlined and normalized, including “gay marriage”, (a tradition we’ve borrowed from the straights) — how boring has it becum? Thank you for sharing your experience at the Chicago Bijou. Since AIDS and now Covid, coupled with the Internet, glory hole experiences are hard to find.

Has to be according to where you are. What I missed were the big theaters like the Adonis, because you could do full-body sex. And also with places with booths, there wasn’t nearly always a glory hole and 2 could go inside and do anything, but in New York City there is still good glory hole everywhere–including since various kinds of places started reopening—as far back as August. Look at, do a Basic Free Membership and then a Target Search. Choose US, NYState, NYC, then “All” (not ‘Manhattan’, which won’t even give you all the sex dives in Manhattan) and you’ll see that there’s action here all over the place.

You can also use it for any place in the world to find sex places of all kinds. It’s a great resource, getting a paid membership is not even necessary for their little ‘extras’, otherwise you get all this info for free. So that even if you live in a place that doesn’t sustain glory hole action, you might find one worth driving to.

I don’t know about the other American cities, but I may check out of curiosity. I used to go to LA every Xmas, and there were even good theaters where you could fuck out in the open there, whereas we had known. But although they had glory hole places, they were nothing compared to ours. The best one–with huge rectangles instead of just the holes, so that you can even fuck through, put your arms around the ass of whoever you’re sucking off, or vice-versa–is 1/2 a block from me. I have, to understate it, made enormously satisfactory use of this and 4 others I can walk only a few blocks too. While looking through the NYC-All listings, check the XXcellent DVD and the Blue Store, both of which have perfectly lurid glory hole action—Video Video is good too, but has only the holes, which can be exciting in their way, but the big rectangle openings are fabulous, and XXcellent and the Blue are the only ones I know which have those. Read the comments of people who have done and are doing everything there. I’ve gotten the best action at these three, a few other good ones closed several years ago, and these were from March-Aug., 2020. In fact, there are plenty out in B’klyn as well, but they’re too far to go and find an empty place, so once I discovered that there was a huge glory hole scene here about 2007, it’s been “one meaningful relationship after another”.

As I said, I was startled that any of them reopened, and Video Video and the Blue (there are 2 listing for ‘Blue Store’, read the one in Chelsea) are open 24-7, some close around 9 now. But they’ll all be opening soon. The glory holes are always in the back, unlike in theaters, and the 2 left here (B’klyn kings Cinema and Fair Theater in Queens) are closed, and were always dingy and disgusting, like being at the end of the world. That’s probably why they could re-open and regular movie houses couldn’t yet. And who knows what graft with the police goes on.

Ian, to answer your question I would say both yes and no. If you wanted to have any kind of sex you had to put yourself out there and find it, and in doing so we all had to get over the insecurities, shyness etc. that a lot of gay guys hide behind. Now guys hide behind profile names and apps, so whether it was in a bar, bookstore or what have you, you could see if there was an attraction going both ways and take it from there, either where you were or go somewhere else. I do think the gay community has raised our visibility to the point where we all have more rights than we did in the 20th century, that part is for sure good and I don’t begrudge any gay couple from solidifying their bond, and wouldn’t want to go back to that time in that sense. The range of places to find and fuck/suck/beat off though, I think it was more carefree then esp. before AIDS forced a reset in so much of that.

I left you a reply on a message you left here a few months ago, you (I think it was you) were a regular commenter on the youtube clips I was making last year regarding music in porn, Costello Presley was the musician in a lot of them but I did quite a few others. Youtube obliterated that channel, still not sure why but I did enjoy our back and forth conversations and hope you are well since I only knew you through there.

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