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Just Blonds

“Filmed in the exciting new screening process, Supercruiserama!”

Director: Jack Deveau (1979) 72 minutes running time

Starring: Luke (from Falcon Studios), Lee Marlin (from Nova Studios), Scorpio, Hugh Allen, Damien III, Ken Carter (from Nova Studios), and Eric Ryan

“This is the very first porno I ever saw. The summer after I turned 18…..”

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The Bijou, that was a destination anytime I was in or near Chicago. The main theatre was rarely a place I stayed for too long, with most of the action taking place up the spiral staircase that led to the gloryhole maze and a smaller theatre with no seats. One of the booths up there I remember had a chain link fence instead of the typical wall with a hole connecting to the neighboring booth, others were plexiglass (like in A Night At Halsted’s) so in both cases you could see who was on the other side.

One of the best pickup lines I ever heard was upstairs there, a guy who was a few years older than I was, maybe around 30 walked up to me and said, do you like big dicks? Right to the point. I said yeah, we slipped into one of the larger, two person booths and … I’ll just say he was telling the truth :p and had on a metal cockring, I remember below his waist moreso than what his face looked like, let alone his name if I ever knew that.

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