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Ted Brennan

publications: Ramrod #4 (1979); Honcho Nov 1979; and probably Hot To Pop – one of those Bullet/Target magazines from the 1980’s (I’m still having trouble with the tattoo and scruffy beard!); and a B&W Photo Set (PR-01) and Slide Set (SR-01) – 1979 seemed to be the only year for Mr. Brennan, except for subsequent appearances from those same photo shoots

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very sexy man, especially enjoyed the casual attitude of the first photo. a man who knows he’s got a great body and cock and likes to show it off

Regarding the Hot to Pop mag, I agree this photo set is somehow hotter. The other one is more intimate and they almost look like twins. This one is dangerous! As much as I love beards, I think Ted/Stutz looks better with a ‘stache. I think a beard on JBrent/Erron really works though. I like him both ways. And I think the tats are hot. I may have a dirty mind, but I’m also a romantic. I think it’s sweet that they got matching tattoos. Thanks again, BJ, for reminding me of how incredible these men were.

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