Surge Studios tattoo

mystery model

why working on a post (that is taking many days!) I thought I’d just toss out a simple one-photo post, went to scan a pic from a newly acquired Playguy, and remembered my “scanning policy.” Don’t just scan a pic or two, always get the cover, the index, and then whatever your needed, plus, if time permits, other pages of interest. Then, change file names to reflect the name of the publication, date, and page number… all this so later it’s easier to find. So the 2-minute diversion from the original post I was working on has turned into an hour – plus! Anyway, only 2 pics of this guy, the other, but shot, is too pimply, but I thought he was decent looking – now what’s that tattoo?

very Prince Dirty Minds imagery; wondering if he made it into any Surge Studios films? And now, a new potential topic, or post category – Surge models who never appeared in a movie!



too little of him on the blog, but this is probably my favorite pic of him, from FILMCO



pornoclips socks tattoo

Take All Eight

short film – Mark and Doug (AKA Take All Eight) – found in the BODY HEAT series – images from the Pantheon magazines PROD #4, and DYNAMITE DICKS

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips tattoo

JOBSITE (full movie)

Director: Kennith Holloway (1984)

Starring: Gador, Eric Ryan, Daniel Holt, Scott Avery, Lenny Dean, Terry James, Brad Mason, Keith Williams, Tanas, Scott Thompson, Robert Vega, Dave Ashfield ; plus: Bobby Cerrato, Champ LaRue, Marc, Dan Gillen, Roger Cook, Dan Hodge, Robert Vaqe, Rob Wright, Dill Duncan, Randy Page; Mark Edwards as Uncle Charlie and Kenneth Weyerhauser as the Attorney.

88 minutes running time; very fun film with good sex; plot: young man, Tad (Scott Avery)discovers his grandfather has died, and left him all his estate. Tad leaves military school to discover he’s inherited a house, bar, and food catering wagon. The lawyer decieves him into thinking their are huge back-taxes owed, but Tad investigates, and discovers the house is now a male brothel, run by his distant uncle (our fun narrator Uncle Charlie)

  • scene 1: Tad spends some time saying goodbye to his roommate
  • scene 2: after getting the real scoop from his campy Uncle Charlie, Tad looks around the house – guy in a mohawk and an Hispanic-looking guy dressed as a cowboy
  • scene 3: great scene with Robert Vega and Dave Ashfield
  • scene 4: next they use the lunch truck to lure construction guys – 3 of the men take a break inside the truck
  • scene 5: meanwhile, Daniel Holt is seduced by 2 guys with a lunch cart in an office building
  • scene 6: more lunchtruck activities, a bearded hairy man with tattoos (don’t know his name, but he’s in the last two scenes!) and 2 others.
  • scene 7: Eric Ryan, in cowboy hat, pulls up in a cadillac with a sun roof
  • scene 8: construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar all take a break – 7 guys
  • scene 9: opening night at the bar, (Job Site, of course) gets out of hand; Laura Brannigan’s Self Control plays during much of this scene, and you can hear a muted lucky Star too – too many guys to count.

Al Parker pornoclips tattoo

Head Waiter


Director: AL Parker (1984)

Starring: Al Parker, Cole Taylor, Tico Patterson, Vincent Thomas, Rydar Hanson, Michael Charles, Drake Woods, Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue), Greg Girrard – this scene: Tico Patterson, Michael Charles, and Drake Woods

In the opening scene, a young guy takes his seat in the Surge fantasy chair and drops in a coin, ordering up a fantasy that unfolds in a restaurant. Two mustached men (Drake Woods and Michael Charles) quickly begin to have oral sex. Meanwhile, at another table another couple sit, have a meal, and watch (but never participate or have sex) – Al Parker and his real life lover, Steve Taylor! When the waiter (tattooed Tico Paterson) arrives, the pair unzip him and proceeds to feast on him rather than their dinner. The waiter winds up getting one of the guys on the table for anal sex while he continues to on his date.Good use of slo-mo camera work for the finale of the scene.

Alas – no str8 couples watching or participating, Parisian, unfortunately (and by that i mean FORTUNATELY!); but love watching Al and Steve, and the solo guy, wonder who that is?

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With soundtrack courtesy of Red Wedding; Art direction: Mike Davis; casting – Daniel Holt

Target Studios tattoo


ahhhhhh. from Target Studios, they appeared in one film together, Up-Tight! Bull Dozier and Nick Rodgers