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Take All Eight

short film – Mark and Doug (AKA Take All Eight) – found in the BODY HEAT series – images from the Pantheon magazines PROD #4, and DYNAMITE DICKS

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I’m a fan of the film series and I have the Pantheon mag “Prod” No4 (the only Prod I have. Still looking for 1-3)

Thanks for the very hot video clip! The kissing was hot, they should have prolonged that. But I can’t complain about what came next.

The one with long hair reminds me of a hairy Leigh Erickson. Incredible furry chest and belly!

Oddly, I prefer the blond guy. Is it weird that I wanna’ switch the hairy guy’s body fur onto the blond dude and then grow out his ‘stache? I mean, blend these guys together and maybe you’d get one super hot man! Still a very hot pairing though. Great dicks on both!

Thanks BJ!

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