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we’ll always remember you as DAN

Dan Gillen was his name in JOB SITE / Shawn Killen was his name in the photo spread below

Jobsite video clip
jobsite guy
Jobsite video clip – scene 8

the above photos are from Male File #2 (1983) – thanks to JohnnyLlama for not only ID’ing the mystery man from Job Site, but also supplying these scans! He sent many more, and you know how I am, I like to curate, and not just post any and all. You’d be surprised just how many of those pics from Male File #2 Shawn is sticking a finger up his ass!

Below, of course, photos from the magazine TRUCKERS! which features stills from the 1984 film Job Site.

4 replies on “we’ll always remember you as DAN”

Awesome! I am tickled pick and so glad I could reciprocate. Excellent posting! Now the real challenge…somebody out there find more of Dan/Shawn. Don’t let this be the end…

OMFG this is major!! What a sexy guy I’ve lusted after for so long, thank you for sharing this discovery!

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