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Jobsite – scene 8

scene 8: construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar all take a break – 7 guys

Director: Kennith Holloway (1984)

Eric Ryan barking orders as foreman – the “circus” music before the action starts – “shut up ya little shit and grab my dick”“if they’re gonna go for it, I’m gonna go for it” – and of course, the pop music kicks in….

I may have to do a quick look at the entire film, to see if it needs the “what pop songs are on the soundtrack” treatment – in this scene is an instrumental of…

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so- Shawn Killen is the porn name of the hairy guy from pic #1- I’ve always wanted to know who this guy was…I think I even asked you before. Sadly, Google image searches for ‘Shawn Killen gay porn’ doesn’t pull up any images. Do you have any more? Please post if you do.

Well I didn’t even need shazam to identify the song featured in this clip, it’s one of the primary musical memories of my early stages of coming out from when MTV played Madonna’s Lucky Star video over and over in the summer of 84:

The film uses a rather creatively edited dub of just the instrumental sections at the beginning of the song but that’s definitely it. Can you confirm if David’s comment above is right, and that you hear Self Control by Laura Branigan in a different scene at a bar?

I’ll reply to our comments on your older post with the other clip here, I think you’re right that hairy chest guy isn’t Brad Peters / Keith James but there are similarities between the guys. The tattoo placement and approximate shape is close but not exactly right, that was what I kept looking back and forth between the images and the clips/pics you posted. Nice to have an i.d. on Shawn instead, he was very hot in his scenes in Job Site that you put here. (And maybe Brad/Keith could go on your future post possibility list since he was sexy too and don’t think you’ve done him before). Cheers.

oh yes – Self Control by Laura Branigan – is in the 9th and final scene – looped, of course! Not sure if it appears elsewhere…but definitely there!

I found the full film on a tube site and watch-listened, or listen-watched, anyway the only songs I was able to identify with certainty were as follows:

Human League, Don’t You Want Me inst. (50:29 – 52:57)
Madonna, Lucky Star inst. (1:01:30 – 1:10:16)
Laura Branigan, Self Control (1:10:20 – 1:21:15)
Madonna, Borderline (1:21:52 – 1:23:10)

A few others sounded familiar but most if not all were instrumental songs or dub versions with the lyrics chopped out. Mixed in with all this is what I would describe as “random free music” like you’d hear at a circus or as nondescript backing music on a 70s TV drama. The ones I think are actual songs, from the copy of the film I watched had these times:

3:59 – 10:00
20:37 – 25:25
25:55 – 31:51
31:52 – 34:28
37:20 – 41:11
43:48 – 50:28
53:41 – 57:51
58:16 – 1:00:22

A project for you (or someone) some night you’re bored, fire up shazam and see what comes back.

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