qu’est-ce que c’est

Thirst-trap ?

welcome EdgeMediaNetwork persons? I guess they did a story, based on the TETU story, but um, missing like pics and stuff..? Big white spaces on their page – is it me? They included HALF of this one, not sure why only half…..

which they apparently nabbed from my Instasham account – all publicity is good?

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I think it is you. :( I was able to see all the hot pics, a number of which are new to me. I think it’s a great article, even though they revealed your age. (Not nice!) Have all the pics on your IG also been posted on BJLand? I never saw the Tetu piece, but I think this is good publicity. I’m sure you get some more followers. Hey, do you know the name os the guy in the “I use Crisco” shirt? He looks so familiar.

ha! i don’t know why, but on my PC – huge blank white areas…. but on my tablet, I can see all the photos, and they link to the instasham account. I think I told TETU my age… its funny, but I kinda think it gives more “authority” to my account, not just some young whippersnapper who’s “discovered” vintage porn recently (though THEY seem to think that its all 80’s, no mention of 70’s!)

Crisco – Gordon Grant? or Bosch Wagner as I know I have pics with each – and the instagram does NOT correspond to blog posts, with some rare exceptions…

Thanks BJ! Yes, I’ve seen the Gordon Grant pic with Crisco tee. This was the Bosch Wagner. Me likey. Again, great article. You should be proud.

Never mind! Each picture in the article is a link that takes the reader directly to that section of your IG account. I thought it might be Bosch Wagner, but his name would not come forth. My brain is no good anymore. What would I do without my ancillary brain, otherwise known as smartphone or laptop? I don’t tolerate social media very well, but I may have to get an Instagram account so I can follow yours.

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