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Tom decides Barry needs a little help

from the Target Studios magazine Javelin 2, and also the film, Dune Fox (1975), co-starring Tom Fox

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I believe you posted this very one in a group of several photos not so long ago. We figured out that he was too young to have been the inspiration for Joe Buck, as someone had suggested, but you don’t leave the link here and I can’t remember his last name. Someone thought he was too ‘white trash rough trade’, but I think some of the best (-looking) men are exactly that. There was one who was going to give it to me for free when I was 18, but he was just too dangerous. And those days have long passed, he is surely dead by now– too much risk-taking. THIS is a rugged top, though. I can’t figure why he doesn’t exactly turn me on, since he’s such a perfect statue and has such a strong face. Trying to figure out if that’s cum or pre-cum.

yes – I think it was the ad for the film; this version is a bit better – look for Barry Hoffman (or that link) and you’ll find several posts; he worked for Old Reliable, did some modeling for COSCO, but I think he looked best in his early years for TARGET STUDIOS – perhaps a bit “prettied up” with brushed hair and those great sideburns, but still, the tattoos, the cock…mmmmm!

ha! just looked through, and I’ve posted variations on that pic at least 4 times! I guess I like it!

oh gosh – I am the worst at the WEHT questions (whatever happened to); I’ve rarely taken much interest beyond “pornstars” professional work…. possibly in the comments of one of the Barry Hoffman post, more info

I finally watched ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’, and does he ever look succulent there, delicious-looking cock. Face is somewhat catlike–maybe a lynx–charismatic, but definitely feral. Somewhere else someone else mentioned that he had ‘done time’, and maybe he did, but tattoos never have automatically meant someone has. Maybe these tattoos, which I can’t make out. I like tattoos too, except those that are all over the body. I like some of the modern ones too, it they’re not too overdone, but less is usually better.

I think my libido was down yesterday–OF COURSE he’s a total turn-on. From your archives, I definitely prefer this period as above, looks a bit wasted in the much later ones. This particular photo from the last time you posted it is rougher here, I prefer the smoother looking one from ‘Gotta Get Your Licks In’, although which is more accurate I wouldn’t know–little objection to either–extraordinary animal.

I love this photo still because it implies action. That dangling strand of pre-cum & saliva just makes it feel real. There’s another photo that comes to mind: Al Parker sucking off his lover Steve Taylor (I always think this scene was in the film “Spokes” because it’s in a barn, but no, that’s just wrong. I think it’s “Wanted” [1980]) and there’s this viscous string of man-lube hanging between Al’s mouth and Steve’s dick. Very hot.

Also, the self-satisfied way that Barry is looking at the camera. It’s like the Mona Lisa’s smile. Except it makes your dick drool.

It goes without saying that I love Barry and I love Target and I love this mag. I never really got a sense of Tom Fox because he seemed to always be on the periphery in this photo set. You never get a good look at his face. The film might show him better. I am just more familiar with the mag. I should remedy that.
*Adding Bullet VideoPac 1 to wish list now*

Barry Forever!

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