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Jimmy Metz

who you may remember from such films as

  • Afternooners (1982) (solo)
  • Intruders (1984) (2 different 3-ways)
  • Bore ‘n Stroke (1984) (w/Noel Kemp)
  • Hard To Come By (1985) (w/ Tom LeDuc and Glenn Steers

who knew? AKA Larry Young

Sometimes he had a mustache (see below) but I’ve been unable to locate a bare butt pic – this will have to do

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I’m not usually attracted to overly muscular guys but have always liked this beauty. I especially liked him bottoming for Glen Steers in Fox Studios “Hard to Come by”. He took it like a champ!

He was sexy in Intruders, though it’s strange to see him with and without facial hair in the same movie: in his first scene, he enters the house where Brad Phillips and Tom Ronka have been out by the pool, and he has a much fuller mustache than in the pic above; then later when he spies Paul Becker (swoon) and Bill Harlen inside their cabin, it’s completely shaved off. There are more than a few nice butt shots of Jimmy in that film, when he’s fucking Tom on the living room floor for one, though all I could include in the youtube clip I made for the film are SFW-ish shots:

yeah – the trouble with that film is that it is NOT a movie, but a collection of shorts – and the awful awful awful part is the attempt at stringing them together with that nasty looking man, Keith Tyson and his 80’s perm! (and the oiling up – yuck!) maybe its the fact that they inter-spliced his VIDEO “performances” with better looking FILM – but I think that makes Jimmy showing up with 2 different upper lips problematic – they were filmed at different times, and not meant to be seen together.

I agree with you, it’s jarring enough to see Jimmy with a stash and without (though he’s hot in both cases), but switching from film to videotape and back in the same collection just makes the shot on film scenes look that much better. And while Keith has a nice, muscular body which fits in well with the whole Fox Studio vibe, yeah, between his curly, frizzy mullet and all that baby oil it’s more of a turn off to me.

Gevi says that the music in Intruders was done by Patrick Cowley but, at least in the 1988 version which was all I could find online, that’s definitely not Cowley music playing. I wonder what it looked (and sounded) like when it came out in ’84, if the music was different then? Seems certain that those scenes with Keith greasing himself up were the last parts added to that version of the film.

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