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leather master

photo is from Fox Studios’ Leather Masters, #212 – wish I had a better version of Tex Murdock in these glasses!

edit: update – this is better quality, but smaller file size

2 replies on “leather master”

Say no more! Your wish is my command! Presto!

Honestly BJ, this isn’t rocket science!

When in doubt, check Retro Studs out! Thank you Buck Naked!

Aha! Don’t think that I forgot that you’ve actually posted about him, without facial hair, a fourth time! You sneaky little devil! I so prefer him, clean-shaven. But what can I do? This is YOUR blog, and you have a werewolf fetish. I imagine that you get especially horny, when there’s a full moon. : )

This should be in your search engine, but far from me, to tell you what to do. You don’t listen to me anyway. Do you think I enjoy, scolding you? (Actually, I do! I wish I had more time.)

Don’t get me started on Tex Murdock! For now, I’m going to put a clamp on myself, and shut up. Otherwise, I’ll babble on forever! I’ll do that later, in one or all, of you appreciated Tex Murdock posts.

Gush! Gush! Gush! ; )

ha! yes, I did check retrostuds, and his version of the pic was barely larger than mine; i wanted much bigger! of course I have posted about him multiple times – but i NEED a better version with these glasses!

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